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  • Scott Wilson


    Chicago, IL

An accomplished designer with experience developing iconic, industry-leading products, the pervasive theme throughout Wilson's work is the intimate relationship between the user and the product. Wilson strives to create a balance within his products that speak rationally and emotionally to the consumer, ultimately ensuring a higher probability of market success and endurance.

Work Samples

  • Furniture

  • Consumer Electronics

  • WWF

Work History

In 2007, Scott Wilson founded Chicago-based MINIMAL, a studio whose diverse work spans industries ranging from technology, interaction and consumer products to fashion, furniture and environments. A former Global Creative Director at Nike, Wilson has lead design organizations such as IDEO, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Fortune Brands, and Motorola and created some of the most recognized consumer design icons. Currently engaged with top Fortune 500 companies as well as exciting start-ups MINIMAL balances his interest in consulting with design-centric brands and his passion for self-manufacturing and entrepreneurial ventures. Wilson has been exhibited in museums and competitions including the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial, MoMA, MCA and Chicago Athenaeum and has been recognized with over 50 international design awards in the last decade including ID Magazine’s Top 40, FastCompany’s Master of Design and TIME Magazine’s Style+Design 100. Career Path: 1991-93 > KEK Associates, Rochester, NY 1992-93 > Part time Instructor @ Rochester Insitute of Technology 1993-95 > Thomson Consumer Electronics 1995-97 > IDEO Chicago 1997-99 > ACCO / Fortune Brands 2000 > Founded MOD 1999-2001 > IDEO Chicago 2001- 2006 > Nike Timing/Techlab + Nike Explore 2006-2007 > Design Director Motorola 2007 - Founded MINIMAL (MNML) 2009 - Founded UNCOMMON www.GetUncommon.com


Rochester Institute Of Technology RIT