Surrogate Muse - Unpublished illustration.
Traditional and Digital (Painter X software)

This particular muse was a complex one, and drained my mojo for quite a length of time before departing as suddenly as she arrived. The way things turned out left no small amount of anguish, but such is Life's thorny course. No hard feelings on this end; wherever she roamed, I wish her well.
Dogs of War - Unpublished illustration.
Traditional (watercolour, ink, coloured pencils)

An old piece dating back to the mid-80s, this is currently in the process of getting an overhaul... because I've been staring at it far too long, I guess.
Texas Mosquito - Illustration for an Austin, Texas ad campaign whose theme was "Meaner Than a Texas Mosquito". Created in Adobe Illustrator.
Pseudo-Celtic mystical Third Eye sort of....thingmy. - A design that came about as an offshoot from the sketches for the previous self-portrait. Software used: Adobe Illustrator (so I cheated - it's not "traditional" media. Ditto the self-portrait. I just had no other category that these would slot into).

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