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“To diversify TFL (Transport For London) into the British
and International market of high speed rail via a device that
will harness the wind energy produced from high speed
trains whilst complying with TFL’S well known standards.”
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We live in a world where our primary energy resources such as coal,oil and gas are
rapidly depleting. Renewable energy sources like wind power are becoming increasing a
viable option for this depletion in fossil fuels.
The introduction of wind turbines and wind power in general has received mixed reviews
from the general public. They range from calling the turbines a eyesore to people
describing the turbines as "Silent energy" and "Here at last! An inspiration for the future.
Another major issue is the publics lack of knowledge about wind power as well as the
stereotype that is associated with wind turbines, they are ugly, too big too loud etc....

I began by looking at turbines to begin with and this was my initial ideation which is followed by several sketch models.
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Some early 3d sketch modelling to see what the turbine could look like
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I turned away from the idea of a turbine foe several reasons such as:
- a turbine has visable moving parts
- a scoop could be incorporated into existing infrastructure
I now focused on developing a form for a scoop system.

This page showcases various forms of what the scoop could look like.
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Shows the progression from the sketching of the scoop idea to visualisations using CAD (T-splines) rhino 4.0
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The scoop which stands at 1m from the ground and is mounted to a existing train line
infrastructure, which offers quick and easy installation via nuts,bolts and rivets.
The lightweight, durable aluminium shell coated in a superhydrophobic spray allows for very
little maintenance as well as a deterrent for vandalism.
The wind energy captured by the scoop is converted via a generator housed in the existing
train infrastructure, which is then transported back to the national grid for consumer use.
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A poster that shows how the Lokermotion device could be marketed alongside Virgin trains

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