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“Design a contemporary coffee machine around the
brand of Maksym which encourages group use and has
elements of Ukrainian culture. It must also be instantly
distinguishable from other coffee machine brands
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The coffee machines of today can be described as black and silver
objects of scaled down architecture whose sole purpose is to be
placed in the corner of a kitchen worktop. Combining elements of
traditional Ukrainian values and modern sophisticated traits the
Maksym Coffee Machine aims to reunite friends and family which
are growing apart in modern society and bring them together
socialising face to face. This page shows the initial sketch ideation for the product.
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The Maksym can be placed in the living room making it a centre
point for socialisation and conversation as well as bringing back
the ceremonial element of making coffee. The unique filling
method gives the machine a sense of theatre and spectacle which
can be viewed through the glass mugs. The use of traditional
materials like rosewood mixed with the ultra modern element of
the crisp white corian give the machine a sense of soul which
makes the user feel connected with the product. The sketches try to represent the idea of motion in a static product.
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Final visual CAD render
Our initial brand video, outlining the 3 key elements hat we were going to look into.
A video to show the inclusivity of our brand, so everyone can get involved
How we linked our brand to the product

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