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  • Mark Carolan

    Art Director/Creative Director

    London, United Kingdom

Mark Carolan is a freelance Creative Director/Art Director who integrates ideas, design and attitude to creative innovative brand communications in a fresh, honest way. Granted, honesty isn’t a well-worn industry buzzword but it’s nice to hear sometimes. Combine that with fresh, inspiring, passionate, challenging and responsive and you have yourself rather a nice half dozen words to pocket.

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Work History

I mostly work alone but also have a world-class stable of partners that can be brought on-board for larger projects. I invite on-board who I believe will bring something to the table. Planners, filmmakers, animators, digital artists, exhibition designers, songwriters and dancers have all collaborated on my projects, as and when needed. Budgets are easily controlled and more importantly, transparent. I’ve worked with clients ranging from well-known global corporations to small - but wonderful - niche brands. I also work alongside some of the world’s leading advertising agencies. By doing so, I remain immersed in the latest and greatest industry techniques and disciplines but never forgetting the real issues and requirements of my clients. I'm more than happy to work with anyone with an open mind and with a desire to try something different. If you’re a forward-thinking brand or a slow-moving brand that wants to move a little quicker, then I'd love to talk.


Bournemouth University