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  • Mark Landsaat

    Design Engineer (SolidWorks, Rhino, T-Splines)

    Seattle, WA

Design Engineer with more than 10 years product design experience. My specialty is surfacing with a variety of tools. SolidWorks for Parametric Surfacing, Rhino 3D for NURBS Surfacing and T-Splines for SubD style surfacing with NURBS output. My work for the past seven years has been almost exclusively in the bicycle Industry doing mountain bike and suspension bike product development. I also take on work in other industries and love to take on challenging modeling tasks of all sorts.

Work Samples

  • Noble F4

  • Diamondback

  • Avanti

Work History

PROFILE DESIGN ENGINEER / MECHANICAL ENGINEER Fifteen years experience creating and producing a wide variety of consumer products. Proven expertise in: • Parametric and NURBS Surfacing • Technical Problem Solving • Concept Design • Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms Recognized for finding solutions to technical problems, modeling complex organic hard-surface objects and the ability to create highly realistic fully functional digital proto-types ready for manufacturing. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Measurement Technology Northwest, 2010 – 2011 SEATTLE, WA DESIGN ENGINEER/MECHANICAL ENGINEER MTNW is a partner in the PETMAN program. PETMAN is the world’s first anthropomorphic fully articulated self-balancing humanoid robot. PETMAN moves dynamically like a real person and it resembles human physiology by simulating blood flow, controlling skin temperature and sweat rate. In addition to skin development, MTNW is also responsible for the rubber joint sleeves that allow joint articulation with up to 3 degrees of freedom. • MTNW was facing very expensive multi-piece molds with non-linear split lines. I re-surfaced skin components creating 2-piece molds with linear split lines that adhered to critical body dimensions set forth by the US department of defense. This saved the program several thousand dollars per molded skin component. • Initial joint sleeves based on a 2D pleating pattern could not perform full rotation about the X, Y and Z-axis simultaneously without severe necking. I proposed and created a 3D composite pleating pattern that allows full range of motion about all 3 axes with minimal necking and minimal elongation. • Skin controller manifolds had to be miniaturized to the point where they could not be produced with traditional manufacturing techniques. After exploring several options we were able to use Direct Metal Laser Sintering to print fully functional titanium parts small enough to be integrated with the skin components. ARDIANO DESIGN, 2005 – PRESENT SEATTLE, WA DESIGN ENGINEER/MECHANICAL ENGINEER Started Ardiano Design. This engineering consulting company is a consumer product design company with strong roots in the bicycle industry. My experience in many different aspects of the bike industry combined with my Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, has helped companies bring new designs to market more efficiently. • My understanding of Aluminum and its capabilities has helped Kinesis introduce air formed aluminum tubing using SPF (Super Plastic Forming). SPF technology allows for elaborately shaped tubing with low weight. • Analyzed and improved various MTB suspension designs. My development of an accurate kinematic suspension analysis tool in SolidWorks helps optimize MTB suspension systems early in the design process. This tool has significantly reduced the need to create various prototypes to validate suspension geometry. Bikes in the current marketplace include but are not limited to; Noble F4, Diamondback Sortie, Tomac Primer 220, Proflex Series 6, and Avanti Torrent. • Implemented the FitRight system for various brands. The FitRight system builds on my experience with fitting cyclists to bicycles. The FitRight system helps to predict what the best average frame dimensions are for people in a certain height range based on a database of bike fittings. • Developed various aluminum and carbon parts and for other companies using SolidWorks design software. My collaboration in the development of new product for medium sized companies has allowed them to introduce innovative and competitive new product without the need for an in-house development team. K2 CORPORATION, 2001 – 2005 SEATTLE, WA DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Managed the complete development process for the K2 Bike line. This bike line with innovative products was brought to market on-time while reducing manufacturing costs and increasing margin for K2. K2 is an international sporting goods manufacturing company with products ranging from bikes, skis, snowboards, skates and other outdoor gear. • My ability to focus on a goal yielded on-time realization of the scheduled development timeline. The development process included frame design, graphics design, component specifications, price negotiations and completing the financial model. • Managed the product development budget and was able to finish the development $5,000 under budget. • Realized a 1.7% margin increase in my first year as a Product Director. This equaled $51,500. • Led the move to a new manufacturing facility. This transition consolidated the number of factories we dealt with and resulted in a simplified business model with lower product costs. • Initiated the start of in-house 3D modeling design work using SolidWorks design software. Bringing 3D design work in-house reduced our contracting fees by $18,000 in the first year. Product Manager Conceptualized and implemented 22 new frame platforms for the K2 Bike line and made improvements to all of the existing frame platforms. • Created several new frame platforms to give K2 the possibility to enter new segments of the bike market. The women-specific T:Nine line with 8 new frame platforms tripled K2’s women-specific bike sales in 2005. The “Dream Ride” comfort designs more than doubled sales in the comfort category. • Initiated and implemented the K2 Fit System. This industry leading sizing system is based on a human body dimensions database. The database is a reliable tool in the development of new frame geometry. Using this tool has resulted in a uniform sizing standard for all the K2 bike models. The K2 Fit System has proven to make the bikes easier to sell for the retailer. • Realized the need for frame testing and drove the process of getting a frame testing protocol in place. Over a period of four years the K2 frames have proven to be more reliable due to improved engineering based on test results. This improved reliability has significantly reduced the warranty cost. • Created and implemented the Tech Library for the K2 Bike web site. The Tech library is a useful timesaving resource for both consumers and dealers. The tool has been a significant cost savings for K2 in terms of reduced customer service calls. The Tech Library contains more than 150 technical documents like exploded view diagrams, owner’s manuals and service manuals in pdf format. Product Development Engineer Identified the need for improvements on the Noleen pull-shock and successfully executed them. The design changes were successfully implemented in the assembly line in Taiwan. • Initiated and led the redesign of the Noleen pull shock. The new features in the shock resulted in improved performance and durability of the shock. • Developed the training for overseas workers and did the training locally with the help of interpreters. • Created a warranty forecasting plan and implemented it with the help of the warranty department. This allowed K2 to reduce warranty turn-around time and warranty cost. K2 CORPORATION, 1997 – 2001 AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS European Technical Manager Ran the international bike program for K2. During this period I was responsible for bicycle production in Europe, as well as developing relationships with and servicing all the international distributors in Europe (12 Countries). • Collaborated with Derby Cycle Werke in Germany and K2 in the USA to transfer the K2 bike assembly from Taiwan to Germany. Moving the Assembly from Taiwan to Germany resulted in a 5.4 % savings on anti-dumping importing duties. • Created service manuals for the Noleen shock products in English and in Dutch. • Trained distributors on the servicing of K2 and Noleen bicycle shock absorbers. • Worked closely with distributors to identify specific product needs for individual countries and to prepare for international bicycle shows. TECHNICAL SKILLS • 10 years+ experience with SolidWorks Premium. • 10 years+ experience with SolidWorks Add-ins such as Simulation, Motion, Toolbox and Photoview 360. • 3 years experience with Rhino 3D • 1 year experience with T-Splines • 10 years+ experience with AutoCAD drafting software. • Familiar with Autodesk Inventor (2003) and Pro Engineer (2001-2003) • Advanced Computer skills in most Microsoft office programs including Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. • Proficient in Adobe Acrobat PDF file creating software. • Proficient in various image-editing software including, Adobe Photo Shop and Microsoft Photo Editor. • Experienced user of bicycle fitting software including Fit Kit, Cyclefit and Bioracer • Familiar with the engineering calculation documenting software Mathcad and Maple.


Technical College of Amsterdam