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  • Mark Ratzlaff

    Designer at Skechers USA

    Manhattan Beach, CA

I have 12 years experience in product design and development. I am passionate about designing impactful product. I work best when I have the opportunity to collaborate with a team of people who are passionate and creative. I strive to be a key influencer and challenge myself and the team to push the limits of design, innovation, and performance. I believe that beautiful design always follows strategic thinking and problem solving. Above all, I want to make things that are fun!

Work Samples

Work History

  • Designer

    • Skechers USA
    • Manhattan Beach, CA
    • Dec 2014 - Present (2 years 11 months)

    Designer for Boys kids footwear
    In my current role, I am primarily in the creative side of footwear design, but I touch a little bit of every part of the business. I research and then develop concepts on my own or as projects are given to me that fit into the DNA of our brand. I will then work with merchandisers and developers to find the most effective way to bring those ideas into our line. Beyond concepting and designing an idea, I am responsible for the technical development, costing, and many times, the marketing and packaging. I have even developed character design, illustrated a comic book, and storyboarded a commercial for a marketing campaign. I like to think of the design process in a big picture kind of way. Instead of just working on one "cool shoe", I try to think of how this fits into the brand, and the marketplace, and if it is relevant and the most compelling way to market it. Although I do not always play a role in every aspect, I like to think of it in a way that sets firm foundation for others on the team to build on. Many of my most successful projects have come from that solid foundation, and then collaborating with our team to bring it to market.

  • Dr. Scholls Womens Athletic / Innovation Concepts

    • Brown Shoe
    • Clayton, MO
    • Sep 2011 - Present (6 years 2 months)

    Although our team is very collaborative, and I can find myself working on any category from women's casuals, sandals, and even kids shoes at times, my main focus is on Women's Athletic Development and design. I work in collaboration with several designers, bringing my technical skillset and experience to the table. I travel to our factory partners two or more times a year to ensure product development is executed according to plan as well as working alongside pre-production and production teams to ensure quality in the factories.

    My role in Innovation Concepts is the management of the project calendar, and spearheading projects from concept through prototyping, testing, and final execution. Innovation as defined by our brand is not only improving performance, but sometimes it means researching new methods of prototyping, new ways to lower cost, or just a new way of looking at an old idea. It's not always about thinking outside the box... but rather going to the corners, because at the end of the day, we still have to make product that sells!

  • Private label Athletic Designer / Linebuilder

    I was the Lead designer for Payless athletics, Lazerlights branded children's footwear, Bareflex Children's footwear, and Cheeks by Tony Little. I was responsible for planning the line in coordination with the product director and the sales team. This included market research, trend forecasting and designing the right product for the target consumer.

  • Associate Line builder: Men's Athletic

    Responsible for designing all the Men's private label athletic as well as a number of brands: Shaun White, Gotcha, Finesse, Ocean Pacific, Danskin Now, Starter, Mitre and Easton.

  • Assistant Mens Athletic Line builder Level 2

  • Assistant Children's Athletic Linebuilder: Level 1

    Designed all private label children's athletic product for Walmart, Payless, Target and other major retailers.

  • Footwear Industrial Designer Trainee

    Designed private label mens, womens, and children's athletic footwear for Walmart, Payless, and Target.


  • Ars Sutoria Footwear school

    • Footwear footwear
    • 2011 - 2011

    A week-long school dedicated to traditional footwear making processes. I was the Winner of the Two Ten Ars Sutoria Scholarship to be able to attend the school.

  • Central Missouri State University

    • Bachelors Illustration
    • 2004 - 2005

    Graduated Summa Cum Laude

  • St. Louis Community College at Florrisant Valley

    • Associates Graphic Communications
    • 2002 - 2003



2011 Winner of Ars Sutoria Footwear School Scholarship 2003 National Society of Collegiate Scholars 2004 Art Portfolio Scholarship 2005 Citation of Distinguished Merit- Annual Student Citation Awards Exhibition Dean’s List 2001-2005 Cumulative College GPA of 3.93