Mercury Creative Group - Logo for strategic alliance in ad industry
The Potter Agency - Logo for full-service marketing firm, she wanted something bold that would "pop" and wanted the colors red and black (most of my clients seem to want these colors!)
The Purple Iris - Logo and tagline for a small local floral shop; also did website design, which can be seen in "interactive" file, or online at (some of my image choices were changed by the client).
Tranquility - Logo for a small shop offering hand-made organic bath and home products; they also offered massage.
Boston Symphony Orchestra - This was a suggested re-design for the BSO; this uses my hand-drawn calligraphy.
Civil Disobedience - Logo for fictional tv program directed at young voters, tells stories of history from grass-roots protest movements and uses indie-documentary style. More can be seen in "Branding" folder.
Charlotte's Web - Updated this logo for a local internet marketing company to make it look more appropriate to the business it represents.
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The Traveling Trainer - Logo for local one-woman fitness concierge. She chose the colors and wanted something that was friendly and personal . . . and would look like her!
The Traveling Trainer (alt) - Alternate version of logo; it can be used in many different ways - the whole logo together, the name alone, the figure alone, and the monogram on the bag can also be used to stamp merchandise.
Mandala Design - Logo for custom concrete architectural details company. Their design philosophy comes from the Golden Mean, so I used that as a basic spiral shape, with a hand-made rough edge to the stacked stair shapes and the type.
Mandala Design (alt) - Alternate version of logo. The company still has not settled on a color palette but I suggested one in the branding work I did for them, which can be seen in the "Branding" folder.
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MoDaddy's - Logo for a Blues bar and restaurant, who has a sister restaurant called Mamacitas. The owner directed this logo very specifically and chose the colors.

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