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Canon Seaz - Imagine the opportunity of being able to capture images anytime, anywhere? Not to hide behind technology, but rather to live the moment. Once you've strapped the display on and loaded the software to upload images to the base, you're off and away.

For this reason, wearable devices aim to enhance perception by acting as an integrated artificial sense organ that can capture external information as knowledge units. It is expected that the wearer will process this information and that meaningfulness can be identified.
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Metaflusso - Master final project - Through a urban furniture dislocated in the main points of public and private traffica flows, Metaflusso helps the access to a series of information about mobility, pollution, weather conditions and about car sharing services, offering a different perception of the urban territory problems and opportunities.
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Hakke Small Wooden Chair - Hakke: Balance and Harmony in Everyday Objects.

The philosophy behind the design of Hakke, a small wooden chair, stems from the idea of harmony and cycles existing in the centuries of Eastern lifestyles. The most elementary form of the modern chair was the cross section of a tree found in a forest and this has been the basis and inspiration for the largest element of the design.

Co designed with Federico Otero.

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