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  • Ben Scheele

    Design Engineer at Joy Global via Core Consulting

    Milwaukee, WI

- Creative design engineer - Disciplined researcher - Skilled problem-solver - Dedicated to quality - Passionate artist and scientist - Quick study Goal: To work in a multi-disciplinary creative team on new product development projects Specialties: Technical: - Computer aided design and drafting - SolidWorks - Programming - VBA, C++, POV-Ray - Analysis - SolidWorks Simulation, Excel, Simulink - Experiment design - Testing - Technical writing - Research and Design Creative: - Drawing - Sculpture - Problem solving - Digital photography - Digital image editing and manipulation - 3D graphics

Work Samples

  • Ponoko Bowl 3B

  • Animation Bracelet

  • Pencil Holder

Work History

  • Design Engineering Consultant at Joy Global

    • Core Consulting
    • Mar 2011 - Present (6 years 8 months)

    I am working in a multi-disciplinary creative team on a new product development project.

  • Drafter / Design Engineer

    • Pentair (Hoffman Enclosures)
    • Jul 2010 - Mar 2011 (8 months)

    - Performed layout of modified and customized enclosures to meet customer specifications
    - Designed for many different product categories, including mild steel, stainless steel, networking, disconnect, and modular enclosures, as well as off-platform projects
    - Worked with customers to redesign enclosures to fully utilize Hoffman's manufacturing capabilities.
    Set up billing and routing for custom designs
    - Created SolidWorks models and drawings based on legacy 2D drawings in order to expedite the custom design process and make the manufacturing process more efficient
    - Helped colleagues to become more proficient with SolidWorks

  • Drafter / Programmer / Design Engineer

    • United Steel Products
    • Nov 2008 - Feb 2010 (1 year 3 months)

    - Automated the design and drafting of special and custom structural connectors using DriveWorks
    - Worked with engineering and production staff to assess current designs and methods
    - Created streamlined designs for models and drawings
    - Programmed DriveWorks project to automate designs to meet all engineering, manufacturing, and customer requirements
    - Compiled databases of configuration data on SQL server
    - Set up server to generate designs based on specifications from users at multiple locations nationwide
    -Trained others in use of SolidWorks and DriveWorks for custom design projects
    Also using SolidWorks:
    - Created custom-designed components
    - Assisted in engineering and design of new products
    - Prepared application illustrations for new products
    - Used FEA in SW to test new product design
    - Assisted in creation of model for large testing apparatus

  • Drafter / Design Engineer

    • Custom Fab Solutions
    • Mar 2008 - Oct 2008 (7 months)

    - Designed and tested new devices
    - Provided engineering and design services while working directly with customers
    - Employed GD&T in designs
    - Created assembly drawings and instructions to document products
    - Reverse engineered complex machinery
    - Reconfigured and redesigned existing machines
    - Modified models and drawings to match as-built changes
    - Maintained drawings through engineering change control process
    - Worked with various fabrication methods, including plastic machining and welding, sheet metal forming, and welding and finishing of stainless steel
    - Worked in collaborative and self directed environments

  • Customer Service Associate

    • Bokoo Bikes
    • Apr 2006 - Oct 2007 (1 year 6 months)

    - Studied bicycle industry through dealer reps, product demos, publications, training
    material, and first-hand experience
    - Followed the design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of many sporting goods products and how customers interacted with them
    - Shared knowledge and expertise
    - Assembled bicycles
    - Fit bicycles for customers of all ages and abilities, including children, elderly, and
    - Increased bicycling enjoyment through proper fit and advice
    - Taught classes at local elementary school on bike safety, maintenance, and physics

  • Co-op Student / Research Assistant

    • Air Force Research Laboratory
    • Sep 2003 - Dec 2003 (3 months)

    - Assisted with research in the photomechanics laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
    - Performed data extraction
    - Wrote POV-Ray code to evaluate and verify extracted data
    - Captured images from film and custom designed Photoshop action to batch process and isolate pertinent information
    - Used VTK visualization software to produce code to perform desired data visualization
    - Helped to reverse-engineer and modify C code for 2D fringe analysis software for calculating strain
    - Analyzed test samples using stereomicroscope
    - Measured test samples with Photoshop
    - Collected long-term data on various epoxy resin test samples
    - Researched birefringence
    - Designed and built a polariscope
    - Calibrated polariscope using test samples and MS Excel
    - Produced and prepared test samples in wet lab, used polishing machines
    - Performed data collection and analysis for test samples
    - Contributed research and preparation of diagrams and images

    Co-author, SAMPE paper: “Residual Stress Effects on the Behavior of Unidirectional Composite under Transverse Loading.” D.C. Foster, AFRL/MLBCM Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio 45433-7750; G.P. Tandon, University of Dayton Research Institute; M. Zoghi, University of Dayton; and Ben Scheele, University of Minnesota.

  • Landscaper

    • Private Contractor
    • Jun 2002 - Sep 2002 (3 months)

    Created landscape designs for client approval
    Acquired materials for major property changes
    Supervised and completed construction projects


  • University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

    • Bachelor's degree Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
    • 2000 - 2005

    I earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, while also studying art and Chinese language, with almost enough credits for a minor in those subjects. I spent a semester in the fall of 2003 working at the Air Force Research Labs in Dayton, OH as a research assistant in the photomechanics laboratory. My senior design project involved designing, building, and performing validation testing for a transforming unmanned aerial vehicle.

  • Normandale Community College

    • PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Options) program
    • 1998 - 2000

    I attended Normandale Community College during my junior and senior years in high school. I still studied Chinese at Minnetonka high school and also participated in the high school cross-country skiing program.

  • Minnetonka Senior High School

    • High School Diploma
    • 1996 - 2000



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