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  • Greg M Boettcher

    Co-Owner of Broken Eagle Studio

    Beaverton, OR

Design, Model making, Illustration and Sculpting

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Work History

18 years working in the entertainment industry. mostly in Special Effect and Stop Motion Miniatures. Sculpture, Illustration, Prototypes, Prop Fabrication for various art depatment and design jobs. Visual Effects Society member. nominated for three awards, won in 08 for Halo 3 Believe campaign: best miniature in commercial or broadcast program. Co-owner of Broken Eagle Studio: www.brokeneaglestudio.com Have worked with House Special, Laika Inc., New Deal Studios, Grant McCune Design, Bent Image Lab, Shadow Machine, Vision Crew Unlimited, Industrial Model and Design, 3D Industrial Design, Stan Winston Design, Modern Props, and Various other productions. Projects include: Lessons Learned, the Mill at Calders End, Valiant, ParaNorman, Cowboys and Aliens, UFO, The Narrative of Victor Karloch, Gaiking, Inception, Robot Chicken, Alice in Wonderland, Shutter Island, Titan Maximum, Night at the Museum 2, Batman: the Dark Knight, Hancock, Iron Man, I Am Legend, Trick Or Treat, Live Free or Die Hard, Balls of Fury, Resident Evil 3, Deck The Halls, the Good Shephard, Allure, X-men 3 the Last Stand, Serenity, The Fountain, Flight Plan, Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, War of the Worlds, Fantastic four, the Forgotten, National Treasure, The Day After Tomorrow, Constantine, The Aviator, Cronicles of Riddick, Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Lady Killers, Stuart Little 2, Scooby Doo, Coronado, Jurassic Park 3, Ghosts of Mars, Huntin', End Of Days, Star Trek Insurrection, Unconditional Love, Austin Powers 2, Pitch Black


Art Institutes International Art Institute of Pittsburg





Visual Effects Society: outstanding model or miniature in a broadcast program or commercial; Halo 3 Believe Campaign 2007