Advanced Two-Seat Sports Prototype - Future sports car with microprocessor adjustable aerodynamic aids and night vision capabilities.
Future-Retro Harley Davidson Rough Sketches - A series of sketches defining possible new designs for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle for the year 2015. Advanced materials and engineering are mixed with a lod to past models and styles from earlier in the company's history.
Harley-Davidson Board Track Special - Inspired by board-track racers from the 1920's, this model combines that era's simple geometric aesthetic with contemporary engineering solutions. The front suspension design is a four-link RADD design while the rear is a clever revision of the classic "simulated" Harley hardtail look. The motor, as always, is prominently displayed from within the V-shaped aluminum frame. Simple, integrated controls and accessories along with a single seat keep it visually connected to it's forebearers.
Harley Davidson New-Style Chopper. - A contemporary update on the classic Harley chopper look. The front suspension, which defines the chopper look, utilizes CAD and FEA to create a pivot-less four arm setup. The rear incorporates a single-sided swingarm, visually integrated to the aluminum frame. The seat, fuel tank and headlight are all part of one sweeping form, topped with the handlbars and a monstrous central air intake.
Adavnced Chezy Blazer Design - Part of a series of explorations done to explore the far future of truck design.
Pontiac Sub-Compact Coupe Proposal - A theme sketch for a small 2+2 coupe design for Pontiac.
Road/Track Sports Car Proposal - Futuristic, hyper-efficient sports car. It uses technologies based on contemporary race car practices integrated with the best in road-car safety and sustainable materials. Example: The rear wing doubles as a bumper/crash structure.
Mid-Sized Cab-Over Pickup. - Part of a series of explorations done to explore the far future of truck design.
Ultra-Contemporary Sports Truck - Part of a series of explorations done to explore the far future of truck design.
Mazda RX-8 Bodykit - One in a series of sketches for Mazda to produce a dealer-installed bodykit.
Small Crossover SUV Sketch - One in a series of theme sketches exploring possible new directions for Saturn in the mid 90's.
Low-Cost Track Car Sketch - Pen sketches for a simple yet fururistic track-day car or one-make race series.
Whimisicle, Compact Eco-Friendly jeep - A Jeep design based on a more earth and visually friendly motiff. Forms are round or geometric giving the design a playfullness that contemporary Jeeps lack. Materials and manufacturing processes would emphasize sustainablilty and eco-friendliness in keeping with Jeep's connection to the "Tread Lightly" programs.
Mazda 3 Bodykit Proposal - Final design for Mazda to produce a dealer-installed bodykit.
Wheel Theme Sketches - Designs for Low-Volume, Special Edition Chevrolet Tahoe.
Enkei "Jewel" Wheel Proposal - One in a series of theme proposals for Enkei Inc. exploring facets and "jewelry" in a contemporary wheel.

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