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Falcosis Jones - A closer look at character development, Every now and then I will probably take a sketch like this one from the sketches and drawings set and attempt to bring it more to life with color.

Any tips or tricks of the trade are welcome here, and if you leave something thanks for the help.
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Cyclops - This is the process I went through to develop Cyclops, as you can see it was something that took quite a few hours to complete. I like to paint digitally yet I have a desire to learn how to do this kind of work traditionally as, the traditional elements of painting seem to have a more lasting value.
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Judgement of the Gate Monger (in progress) - Just a little something that Ive been playing around with for the last month, really fun to work with the subject matter here.. At the moment Im correcting problems and continuing the underpainting portion of the work.

Knights that slay dragons with massive hammers seem to be a little more valiant than the one that wields the sword.

The way its looking though.... I place my bets on the Dragon!!!!

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