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FRAChair - Finding usefulness in destruction...a cracked glass...(or may be a broken heart in the subconscious) inspired me to create FRAChair! [frak-cher]
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Doodling and scribbling table and chair set for smaller children. This set unleashes the kid’s creativity by allowing him / her to fill up the drawings (printed on the table) with their choice of colors. They can also add on to the drawings as per their imagination. It also engages a child to one place while having his /her meals. No more running around behind your kid while feeding them. The inbuilt yet removable color pencil holder serves as an easy access while drawing / studying and also neatly storing the stationary items when not in use.The table and chair set are suitable for two to four children, yet functions nicely as a desk for one. It can also be used in schools as creativity desk.The eva foam seat provides extra comfort. The furniture set is light weight yet sturdy. It is completely flat packed and easy to assemble.The furniture set is made in Plywood. It has been Launched in Hongkong Fair in Oct'12.
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mr.chair_the painter - Mr. Chair is a curious four legged piece of electrostatic furniture for kids and adults who hate to grow up!

The agility of hyperactive kids using this piece of furniture with all their enthusiasm would generate electrostatic energy within the polystyrene balls by just shaking the chair, which then would create a delightful sight all by itself.

Variant01: Mr. Painter – yellow opaque seat with transparent base and yellow polystyrene balls.
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mr.chair_the magician - Variant02:Mr. Magician – translucent seat and opaque base both in red with white polystyrene balls.
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mr.chair_the scientist - Variant03: Mr. Scientist – transparent with white polystyrene balls.
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TOTO - ride ur way! - A youthful piece of monolithic furniture for creative/casual spaces which allows two different styles to sit on: Pillion and Rider.
It is lightweight, durable with high strength to weight ratio.
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Sweetheart - Love blooms when two hearts meet. A chair for two...a desire so honest... to be expressed un-selfconsciously.

Sweet Heart is a piece of furniture that makes a poetic connection between design and simple gestures in human relationships – like caressing your loved one.

A couple can sit together, on top of each others lap. Adjust to a comfortable seat height and lock – unlock the tilt.

Proposed Colors : Fantasy White | Lusty Red | Lazy Green

bird - bench - It is an outdoor bench for me and my birds to dwell together...i can feed them and spend my time reading and thinking...of nothing...may be...

Stainless steel for me...wood and ceramic for my chirpy birds...

Green grass...in abundance...

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