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Clothline CLIP - It is a cloth line clip to be used as a daily life utility product for both indoor as well as outdoor application. Clip fulfills more than it promises, not only in use, but the perceived pleasure is far than expected.
The product is a single piece injection molded component in recycled plastic with reduced number of components. Its primary innovation is the possibility of being hanged by both of its extremities.
Winner of ORGANIC AWARDS 2007, San Francisco,CA

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KUPPI - funnel - Kuppi is an attempt to solve the
perpetual problem of air trapping
in a bottle while pouring water/oil
through a funnel.

It lets air escape from the mouth
of the bottle you are pouring into.

I have given a solution which
leaves no clue of the actual

Design Point : The top and bottom section is circular....but the neck is eliptical!
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Comfortable SPOOn feeding - SPOO is an attempt to re-think the ergonomics of a feeding spoon.
Peeling down to the heart of the (sub) conscious human behavior helped me
reveal the magic of effortlessness with design, creating a comprehensible, delightful and character-full product.

SPOO is perfect for both left and right-handed mothers, and it's ergonomically twisted grip keeps wrists from turning.
The soft tip ensures that it is safe for tender gums of the 3+ month olds.

It is an innovation for modern parents!
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DUSTIN-dust pan - When bins are less wide than Dustin - you can reverse the flow of dust through the handle!...for easy and efficient clean up.
Thinner front edge for improved dirt pick up. Strong, one-piece construction in PP.
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1/2 Rice Measure
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FUGU - shake it ! - Exotic cuisines deserve a serving with accessorial appropriateness.
Salt and pepper shakers being an indispensable element of restaurant tableware, it was felt necessary to design an unique set of them for bistros specializing in exotic crustacean recipes. Hence, inspiration drawn from a marine habitat was translated into a product, FUGU.
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Mr.Elevate - He comes to your rescue when you are cooking...as well as looking for an elevated area to place the utensil so as to keep the head from touching the ground.
It helps keep the utensils clean and minimize mess while cooking by keeping the work end of the spoon away from any surface other than the pot or pan.
Certainly a needed dose of fun and utility to your kitchen!
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Firki - Co-designer : Suhasini Paul
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Kilip - Rural India still believes metal is better than plastic. We have a saying here : “Bhari hai to accha hai.” Which means, if it is heavy…then it is better!

Kilip is the rural version of the urban Clip.
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ei8ht - e88 slicer with a twist!
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Yelp! - ...save your teeth over beer!
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Spicy Kitchen - 2010 | First Prize | In-Dia Kitchen Competition | Veneta Cucine & Domus Academy, Italy
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'Nariyal Patta' - Design of a kitchen accessory...especially for India.

Nominated in Best Concept Category for Business World Design Excellance Award 2005
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Butter Dish - Material : Plastic
Available in deep and shallow base.

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Cut Plate - Made with toughened safety glass with floral print layered within that makes it a desirable cutting board shaped like a dinning plate. It is ideal for slicing thus making this a great surface for serving your guests fruits, bread, and cheeses.
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SLOPE - soap dish - This dish keeps your soap "high and dry" when not in use. With its funnel shaped bowl and sinuous stem, water is drained away by surface adhesion.

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