Liquid Crystal - Just like a drop of water on my lotus leaf...delicate...soft and caring...marry me!
money clip - ...for easy access!
RUBY-Unconventional dressing - As a child i always used to play with rubber-bands...never knew its true potentials...untill now !

Co-designer : Suhasini Paul
insense - ...drown yourself in the mood for love!
LOVE CASE - LOVE CASE is a condom case with magnetic easy slider. The lid slides in all directions for easy and quick access.

...make love in style!
Bud - Ceramic ash(tray)pot fulfills functional requirements with its poetic form to satisfy our metaphysical needs.
COIN collector - ...back from your trip abroad?
flaunt your travel momentoes (coins) in this table top accessory!
PLANTER - compass - This is a magnetic planter, which when placed on a smooth surface, points toward the North pole (like a compass needle).
It sits on our palm as well !

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