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Disposable Mug - Indian Railways - Indians prefer water to toilet paper and use plastic cups and empty bottles to hold water.

This foldable mug is meant for washing after using public lavatories in train compartments. It is inexpensive, holds 1.2 liters of water, and disintegrates within 15 minutes after use, solving problems concerning price-sensitive consumers, hygiene maintenance, and waste disposal.

Winner of Business World Design Excellance Award 2004 : Best Indian Concept.

Finalist@ INDEX: 2009 Award, Denmark

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Planet - G - Often a night lamp intrudes your cone of vision and takes your sleep away.
Planet-G with a simple scroll can help you turn over the direct light into a more diffused glow.

Mfd. by : GM Modular Pvt. Ltd
Launch : 2009, India
Nominated for Elle Decor International Design Awards 2009
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Deepam - Woudln't it be nice if we can just invite God into our houses?
According to Hindu belief lamp 'jothi' worship is one of the simplest ways of literally inviting God into our houses.

Battery operated LED Lamp has made it one step easier.

Mfd. by : GM Modular Pvt. Ltd.
Launch : October 2008

P.S:Design registered by GM Modular Pvt. Ltd.
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Hummer - Plug in - Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller with indicator.
Mosquitoes are very sensitive to ultrasonic sound which is inaudible to human beings and pets.

Design registered in 2004.
Manufactured by : GM Modular Pvt. Ltd.
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Utility Drawer - Training/Project at Whirlpool of India Pvt. Ltd.
Product available in Indian market since 2005.
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Pencil Box - Children have an irresistible propensity towards personalizing their belongings. This is an example of user-centric design, where the users themselves give us the ideas !

Client : Interplast Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

Co-designer : Suhasini Paul

Product available in India since 2005.
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TheHIGHWAYMAN-glares - Knotty glares...for those who ride it best!
Winning Entry : Opus Design Award 2006, Japan

(Designed and prototyped in 2003)
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Bad design - While taking a print 5500mm long from a plotter I found the paper roll exhausted but not completely empty.
I had no clue if the amount of paper left in the roll would suffice my requirement or not!
Thats when i thought of this simple yet effective solution.
Since the dia. of the spindle in known and also the thickness of the paper, so if there is a calibration on the wheel of the spindle, then we might be able to at least get an approx. idea of the amount of paper remaining in the roll!

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