Pencil Eater - ATE is a double bladed stainless steel pencil sharpener which effectively sharpens large and small pencils to a comfortable sharp tip every time.

Best features:
- single cut twin blade
- rubberized end rims for softer edges
- satin finish

red dot award : design concept 2007

Jindal Stainless Innovation Award'07

DOG Clip - Paper Clip in the form of one of the most favourite pets - Dog!
Featured at :
Poke' - An unusual connection between an abnormal human tendency and the physical structure of a spiny pig + an urge to push my mental faculty resulted in the conception of POKE'.
Imagine a masochistic porcupine!

Product: Pin holder
Material : Grip Foam
TapeWORM - Tapeworm is an adhesive tape dispenser clinging onto the tape itself!
Due to the high yeild strength of the material used to construct it, tapeworm returns back to its original flat shape despite significant bending or twisting, thus making it easy to stack.

Material: Stainless 'spring' steel
Finish: Rubber coated
EZ. - A small measure to ease your measure.
EZ. can be comfortably picked up from even smooth table tops.
cactus - Stainless steel bin with rubber lid + magnetic cactus : home for the urban thorns in your office table.
Nick - Size : 2.5 X 4.0 cm
Material : Stainless Steel
Use : Letter opener
OAN - writing pen - Single piece writing pen with changeable refill.
Bellow to be pulled out when pen not in use.

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