Tommy’s 3D Emporium (or: How I learned to import Solidworks 3D models into the Unreal Engine (or: Demo Reel 2015 by Tommy Mueller))

In this video demo I’ve taken over 80 of my Solidworks CAD models and imported them into MODO where I convert them all into mesh data. I then work with the UV’s, Normals, and materials, then exporting FBX’s for use in the Unreal editor. Essentially I’ve created a pipeline of true-to-life parametric CAD models, and made them available for use in the Unreal editor. Using the “Matinee” feature I created the animated sequences seen here on this video demo.

I’ve primarily use Solidworks CAD as an industrial design & product development tool, building prototypes and products with mechanical precision for fabrication, 3D print, or injection mold. When it comes to subdivision mesh modeling, UV unwrapping, character rigging, digital sculpting, by and large MODO is my preferred content creator; a true all-in-one 3D solution. For 3D rendering, Keyshot stand...

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