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Virgin Galactic Exhibit - Portable exhibit for Vigin Galactic, a privatized space travel agency. Developed to facilitate Richard Bransons traveling lecture. A very fast turn around brought about a simple, astute solotution: a futuristic airport-lounge enclosed by fabric walls that mimiced the hull of the space ship.

At the focal point of the exhibbit the audince moves past a cutaway of the actual cabin. This concept also fascilitated the design of printed materials such as tickets and brochures.

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Applied Materials Time line Wall - The key to lasting environmental design is to allow the physical properties and the graphic treatment to act as mutualy suportive, intertwing tissues. In this project for Applied Materials the concept was to show the
progression of world history and the technological pressures and
solutions lacing through it.

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Wired Nextfest - User Interface - An informational kiosk consisting of a chandelier, and user interface with map and sign in.
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PG&E Exhibit (Large Module) - Environmental design is one of the most comprehensive forms of design work. Identity, typography, information, media, must all work seamlessly with the 3D properties, and all of these must support the central idea for various spans of time.

This exhibit for PG&E presented a dynamic challenge in that it required a reduction and an illustrative interpretation of information to make the concepts of power and energy palatable to lay people as well as engineers and architects.

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