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Choose your level recipe, open the package and turn it into a basket. The game starts with shopping the ingredients!

Divided in 3 nationalities and 4 levels, each packaging holds a unique, traditional, tasty recipe and a special herb mix fixed on the back of each package, adding an exclusive taste to every recipe. On the front of the package, the players will find 2 sets of playing cards: question as task cards.
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Up to 4 players can play starting with shopping for ingredients. Opening the basket, tearing off the ingredients list and start filling in all the game elements is the next step. Wherever you want to cook, the game is then played with the 2 card sets. First, one of the players should read out a question card to the player on his left. If her or his answer is correct, the player will keep the question card and carry out the task written on the task card number 01, keeping this card too. In case the answer is not correct, the player who asked the question should carry out the task.

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The cooking process is the surprise element as the process is only revealed when the task cards are played (eg. chopping carrots; mixing the sauce with the herbs, etc). The cards have different value points. The player with the highest score wins the game!

The question cards are culturally related to the recipesĀ“ nationality. The letĀ“s play kind of way, cooking is not only a playful and simple experience it is even educational!

The packaging design is unique, colorful and customized. Each nationality is identified with a traditional pattern printed on the central ring and the cooking levels are represented by different color codes.
lets play brings life to your kitchen a playful get together experience mixed with the pleasure to enjoy a tasty homemade meal.
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