Hardage Suite Hotels - Here we created a corporate brochure with an embossed/foiled hotel at the top of the cover. The inside pages were cut short so the hotel is visible throughout the piece.
Complete Advertising campaign for Hardge Suite Hotels - Very high end graphics program for a hotel system that is American and European based. MY responsibilities: To create a general collateral set for the company that includes a very elegant corporate brochure with a unique embossed/foiled hotel on the cover that remains visible as you turn the pages!
Also included for corporate, is a pop-up of their hotel room (a few even have lights installed in them to make the candles look as if they are burning)with an elegant foil/embossed cover.
Each hotel has their own printed materials customized for their own needs.
Myself, with samples of my MAGIC seminar materials - This is a photo showing two of my poster designs behind me. I'm holding,in my hand, a paper magic trick that magically converts the large playing cards from backs touching (represents company employees, not communicating) to faces touching, face to face (represents employees properly communicating). The device below me is an invitation for the Sheraton Harbor Island Hotel which is an Illusion. By that I mean, you first see a photo of the lobby of the hotel in black and white inside a frame. When slid out of the frame, the photo magically converts to full color, surprising those who view it. Smashing success, total turn-out and the piece is now a collector's item.
Seminar Kit For Pfizer Pharmaceuticals - Out of a series of four kits this is number one! The participant receives a box with puzzles (for problem solving in company situations) Flash cards for lesson information and excercises. Personality cards to learn about other people's traits.
In the bottom of the kit is an Alter Image Visual Illusion Learning Aide. Quite well received by company and employees.
The Amityville Curse - Assignment: Create a POP piece that comes in a very small box and assembles into a rather large hanging display for the movie; The Amityville Curse. I designed the entire project from white model to art direction to assembly. The unit has a bar of rapidly flashing red leds installed inside to attract attention from a distance!

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