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  • Peter Turner

    Oceanside, California, CA

Art director, graphic designer, graphic inventor (special effects, such as pop-ups, illusions, puzzle devices and structural devices). Design and produce lines of special effects seminar packages for The Ken Blanchard Companies. I take boring binders and turn them into exciting kits to keep participants excited. Special brochures, with exciting paper structures for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (Pencil sketches,models, graphic production, printing and assembly). Specializing in logos (branding), brochures with that special touch, embossing, foiling, special printing techniques, pop-ups, graphic paper effects ( magic effects, such as pictures that transform before your eyes or small printed brochures that expand to large brochures in an exciting way. Trade show booth design from existing structures. Trade show special effects, to attract passers by. Photo direction. Computer effects direction. The most amazing business cards in the world (I have samples)! I also use assembly teams on the East coast and in San Diego that do the printing and assembly of special projects.

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Peter Turner 432 Via Cruz Oceanside, CA 92057 Phone: 760 757 8725 Fax: 760 757 8726 E-mail: Magiclantern@Cox.net Objective: Art Director, Creative Director, Projects Director, Full or Part Time Creating outstanding logos, brochures, pop-up sales pieces, high-end sales pieces, trade show booth design, structural paper pieces, high-end hotel printed materials and any projects that must amaze those that receive them! Experience: 1998-2002 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals New York,NY Art Director, Project Inventor, Creative Director and Producer * Designed award winning seminar kits for Pfizer’s seminar programs, overseen by Drea Zigarmi and Susan Fowler, both published authors and workshop creators and leaders. These two people are affiliated with The Ken Blanchard Companies. * Created and designed, (from concept to printing, to assembly) outstandingly unusual and successful boxed kits that involve lesson materials. Each having actual magic devices structurally installed in them to increase attention, retention and personal excitement in the seminar. * Developed puzzle solving devices in paper to assist people in corporate problem solving. Over 40,000 units sold! —Increasing interest in learning and speeding profitability. 1994-1998 The Ken Blanchard Companies San Marcos, CA Art Director, Creative Director, Illustrator, Project Inventor, Overseer and Producer * Designed, from start to finish, award winning paper devices that completely astounded those who viewed or used them in seminar programs or sales programs, through out The Ken Blanchard Companies. * Produced logos (branding), brochures, “The Ever-Opening Brochure” for Mar-Maxx Stores (Marshalls and TJ Maxx). Designed 10 special puzzle devices for their corporate problem solving programs and special devices to help hand down information from the Elders to the New comers. * Completely changed the direction of training materials from hum drum binders to amazing printed pieces that bring out the best in all of us! 1980-Present Magic Lantern Paper Products by Paradigm San Diego, CA Art Director, Creative Director, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Project Overseer and Production Overseer * Design award winning logos, brochures, business cards, sales pieces, mail pieces, trade show booths and trade show booth special effects, seminar packages, pop-ups, proprietary paper structures and special assignment design pieces involving actual magic tricks effect structurally installed in mail pieces, brochures kits and business cards. * Designed up-scale printed pieces for companies such as Disney, Kodak Lenses, Sheraton Harbor Island Hotels, Hardage Suite Hotels, Wyndom Suite Hotels, Qualcomm, Fujitsu, Pittsburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, Pfizer, Ron Sergeant (Leap-Frog Water Fountains), San Diego Convention Center. * I personally involve myself in all aspects of each project, to maintain quality, consistency and sometimes secrecy of projects. Education 1974–1978 San Diego State University San Diego.CA * B.A. Degree in Communication Arts. * Graduated with honors. Tips: Always try to work with one person you get along with rather than with a large committee!