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A bit Surreal - View full for details and click to enlarge.
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Framed by the own walls
Green Field - 02
Virtual Cotton
Green Field
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bridge - 01
Giant Firefly Reunion. Or should be Reunion of giant fireflies? - About 2 or 3 AM.
feeling 01 - These deep blue mountains are common in certain areas of Brazil. This natural tone is caused by various factors, including atmosphere conditions, incidency angle of the sunlight, air and components (oxygen, hydrogen, etc), and crucially determined by the intensity and position of the clouds.
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Beach Dreams - In a cloudy day, but beautiful anyway....
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The Bamboo Pathway
Beach 02 - Clean visual, with no high contrast sky cliche.
Location: Ubatuba, SP, Brazil.
Green, Blue and hues of Sepia.
Cloud Crying
Giant Firefly Reunion - alternative tones
Launch n' Blue
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Carpet 1
Under Rain
Complement - ...the dry and the fresh.
Snowy Sand - long shutter speed + various colors of light around + fog = this effect
P.S: The noise in this picture was resulted by the fog/rainy day.
Somewhere - 04 - Post edited to enhance the view and create something new....
Carpet 02
Le Blue Montagne
Soft Green

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