Idea, sketches, 3-d modelling

Work Samples

  • Kala - Segway

  • Digital Arts

  • Hand sketches

Work History

Alexander Pronin Industrial design, Automotive design. Developed commercial vehicle in cooperation with VW Group’s team. Created styling solution for wheeled tractor based on K-700 (Kirovec) Participated in the development of steam-turbine plant for the world's largest nuclear icebreaker (LK-60 "Arctic") Assistance with design to the largest corporation of Ulyanovsk region (over 11 years) Cooperation with foreign companies (over 7 years) Created a styling and engineering solutions for the personal vehicle based on "SEGWAY" - kala segway | Alexandr Pronin design -


  • ULSU

    • Professional industral design industrial
    • 2005 - 2011