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Work Samples

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Work History

Ramm was born in Vladimir, ancient town in Russia and grown up as a clever, smart and kind boy. He was interested in everything beautiful. He showed interest drawing and different creations. His parents encouraged him to draw – bought felt pens and gouache (thanks them very much!). Ramm straightway entered 2nd form of Children Art School and demonstrated excellent art skills. He amazed his schoolfellows by plenty of ideas and thoughts. Ramm didn’t have many achievements at primary and secondary school as his main passion was art but not algebra or physics or something else. There he was engaged in art works for school events – drew posters and teachers’ portraits, decorated stands. Ramm’s progress at specialized art school was even better, he showed himself as a hard working and responsible artist. After graduation he became a free artist, participated in many exhibitions . But after some time Ramm decided to slightly change direction and became a designer. He started as a designer assistant and quickly mastered this profession. That time he realized design is his very realm. Ramm achieved respect within designer colleagues by his art works full of irony and truth, satire and social subtext, original ideas and innovation. Ramm is a participant and winner of many art and design competitions and festivals. Special enchantment and rare tact, politeness and truthfulness are also very attractive in Ramm personality. Kindness and mutinous behavior, sense of humor and dourness of words, honesty and savvy, aloofness and favorable nature, charm and aspiration to tell the truth to face, vitality and selflessness, gallantry and sometimes hardness, hooliganism and gentleman manners, modesty and expression, thirst to create and longing to the new, even through destruction of the old, love to the music and quietness, boiled onion and black bread, and, believe me, many many other things – these all are mixed inside my nature in an odd, delightful and inconceivable way. Among his friends Ramm is famous for his sociability, jocundity, kindness and honesty, sometimes for harshness and irritability. In conclusion, it’s worth saying that such talented men contributes very much to the cultural and art life of their countries. And long live that mission they started and the ideas they are realizing!


Academy of Art University