I believe in industrial design as a social process. It is not just a passion or a job but a mean to improve exisisting things, a mean to know people and their needs. A deep knowledge of the creative process and a pragmatic approach are the core of my project management attitude. Continuous research and curiosity help me to keep flexible and to find innovative solutions to problems. I am team work oriented and I love following the whole life of products, working side by side with the different professional figures involved. Care and reliability complete my profile features. Professional goals | I would like to approach multidisciplinary projects and work with different background activities (scientific, industrial, hand-crafted, artistic) to improve my expertise. Main achievements | - As a freelancer, I designed the ergonomic and adjustable school furniture UP, based on D.O. Raul Guelfi and Sergio Zanfrini's scientific research. I contributed to the generation of a new market for Fami spa company; they bought the project to invest in a new entirely dedicated business division. - As a senior designer, I menaged the relaunch project for the company FTG safety shoes. The final output of our project turned out to a multi-output; - an economic ‘master’ line that reaches the end of the production chain with a 30% reduced price and such a weight as to make this footwear one of the lightest shoe in the safety world; - an intermediate ‘B’ line that, although keeping in reduced production costs, presents a remarkable aesthetic appeal, a notable family feeling between its models and maintains company colors preserving the recognition of the brand. - As a chief designer, I managed the team in the firm belief that the best design results come from the synergy of all the available skills, properly enhanced and funnelled into achieving goals.

Experience & Education