Shakeyla Turton was born in St. Michael, Barbados on September 11, 1990. However, Barbados was not big enough for the rising star so, at the age of two, she hopped on a plane to conquer New York. She arrived in Brooklyn, New York where the streets were bustling with elements of her Caribbean culture and city excitement, a perfect fit. In kindergarten, Shakeyla decided that she would go to college but, before that time came, she accomplished many great things. She was the Valedictorian of her elementary school, Class of 2000. That same summer she caught a fish the size of her head at Top of the Pines Summer Camp. She is the undefeated freeze-tag champion (unrecorded). She is proficient in singing in the shower, making people laugh, and impersonating her mother, Ms. Valdine Turton. She has filled over 10 notebooks with poetry and short stories, which are now available on her to-be-published bookshelf. Shakeyla Turton's passion, creativity, and critical thinking make her excellently suited for the Advertising profession. Shakeyla received a B.A. in Journalism, with a concentration in Advertising from Howard University in December 2012. With a minor in Electronic Studio Art (graphic design), she is ready to begin a career in advertising in the areas of creative or art direction.

Work Samples

  • Brochure Design

Work History

EXPERIENCE: Dec 12- Present Trice Edney Communications, LLC, Graphic Intern Design document layouts for email marketing Aug 11 – May 12 Communications Entrepreneurship Research & Resource Center (CERRC), Research Assistant Locate companies and organizations for sponsorship opportunities Write website content; Professor bios; Student profiles; etc. Design advertisements for events and meetings Aug 11 – May 12 Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Howard University, Intern Design advertisements for School of Communications events Trusted with confidential student information Aug 11- Dec 12 American Advertising Federation (AAF), Tom Burrell Chapter, President Direct team for the 2012 National Student Advertising Competition Established three distinct committees and a creative team Aug 11 - May 12 Howard University Bison Yearbook, Writer Cover Homecoming events; Write prospective stories Aug 11- Dec 12 Adopt-A-Team Professional Development Program, IPG Team Member Chosen by Interpublic Group professionals for student team membership SKILLS/INTEREST: • Drawing/Graphic design • Adobe Suite • Microsoft Office Suite • Constant Contact [e‐mail marketing software) • Writing for media: Press release, CRM campaign, Sales/Media/Business Plans • Hobbies: Spoken word/Creative writing, Mentoring, Blogging, Scrapbooking


Howard University, School of Communications, Class of 2012



Aug 2012 Trustee Scholarship, Full Scholarship 2012-2013 Mar 2012 1st Place, School of Communications Business Plan Competition Fall 2011 Times-Mirror Scholarship, Journalism