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The newly formed Mississippi Partners needed a foundational identity to begin its work to bring awareness to the need to reunite the St. Cloud area with the Mississippi River. The logo begins this group's message by literally uniting the image of the river with common symbols of a community, including a house and skyscraper. These symbols seek to include all facets of the organization's audiences of residents, business leaders and developers, as well as rural interests.
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Barb Vargas-Syverson, aka "Piano Barb,' is a well-touted and proficient piano teacher in the Fargo, N.D., area. With decades of experience and hoards of class rosters to prove it, Piano Barb is the go-to piano instructor in the area. Barb needed an identity and business card to complement her personality and unique teaching methods as well as concerts. What resulted was an eclectic mix of contemporary-vintage and classical piano elements including a logo inspired by a 1920s composition.

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