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Pappy and Little Miss Molly - I found a damaged polaroid picture of my grandfather holding one of his youngest granddaughters. The moment the photo captured was too extraordinary to be lost to water damage.

12" x 18" Colored Pencil
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Heaven and Hell - This charcoal image of heaven and hell was created by combining a number of High Renaissance master copies. My objective was to parallel the relationships of the blessed and the dammed.

This image was conceived, executed, and abandoned within a 16 hour period. My inspiration came from the song "Black Jesus" by Everlast. I heard this image in the music.

36" x 14" Charcoal on Illustration Board
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Torrent - This piece is an exaggeration of the emotional chaos that we subject ourselves to when we internalize conflict. We are displaced and explosive.

18" x 24" Pencil
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Self- Portrait - vine charcoal, conte pastel
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Verrocchio - A vine charcoal master copy of
Verrocchio's "Head of a Woman
with Elaborate Coiffure"
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Drapery Study - Still life, white muslin layered over life size wooden mannequin.

12" x 18" Charcoal
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Dante - Dante was a marble bust used as a portion of a still life. I drew Dante from 6 angles over a period of 3 weeks.

My objective was to capture thought and movement within a fixed figure by manipulating light and my point of reference.

32" x 16" Vine Charcoal on Illustration Board
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City Lights by the River - A view of Pittsburgh's downtown
city scape from the river banks
of Station Square at night.

A mixed-media crayon study on acrylic
36" x 42"

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