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  • Seán O'Connell

    Dublin, Ireland

Work Samples

  • Snowboard Binding Project

  • Smartphone Project

  • Digital Camera

Work History

I am a recent Product Design Graduate from Dublin Institute of Technology. I received a 2nd Class Higher Honour Degree and am currently looking for a job in Product Design. I have some experience of design work outside of college as I was commissioned to design a piece of home gym equipment for a Irish design firm. I have also been in a number of design competitions and reached the final stages. In 2011 I was a finalist for the Staples Global Eco-Easy Challenge as part of a team representing our College. We were the only team from Europe to be part of this competition. In 2011 I received a Award for the 'Best Low Cost - Low Tech' Product for an Enable Ireland Competition, which is a company that designs for people with special needs. This profile illustrates all the skills i have acquired over my course of study in Product Design. Solid Modelling is a prominent feature in my work and I have developed a High Proficiency in Solidworks. A number of the Projects featured have been taken through all the stages of the design process, from the initial idea, to conceptualization, design for manufacture and Assembly and finally a fully working prototype.