An ambitious & highly determined recent product design graduate, with an extensive range of materials, manufacturing and CAD technical knowledge. Fascinated by advancements through new technologies and their potential applications within innovative product designs. Is a strong believer that form follows function. Aiming for a career within the design industries, with a passion for the use of CAD model making and CGI digital rendering.


- Winner of OPUS International Eyewear Design Award 2010 for the “Curve” eyewear concept. - Featured on the School of Art and Design (UWIC) website for winning the OPUS award. - Worked alongside Leema Electro Acoustics Limited and LTG during live projects. - Designed, developed and sold product design concepts to Royal King, an International baby/child product-developing and manufacturing company. - Awarded the award for outstanding excellence in Design and Technology (GCSEs).

Experience & Education