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  • Richard Howard rickious.com

    Mr Richard Howard

    Glossop, United Kingdom

From convincing photo-realistic renders of holiday villas, realistically post-edited into a photo of their location for marketing, to concept sketches, vector illustrations, T-Shirt designs, illustrations, pencil fine art, 3D design, and more.

Work Samples

  • Pencil Drawings, freehand, as originals, greetings cards etc

  • Sniper Girl - TShirt artwork

Work History

-------- SKILLS -------- Pencil and ruler design skills (and digital equivalent): ------ --------------------------------- freehand illustration for vector, clipart, comic/anime style etc. Scale drawings, plans, cross sections etc. Traditional pencil skills with high-detail 'realism' drawings, mainly of wildlife, cars, etc. Freehand conceptual skills: ------------------------------- Product ideas, quick sketch consultations with clients, multiple sketches emailed to clients for quick feedback and development of design, high-detail sketches for more detailed representation of concept/design, Digital editing skills: (Using PC software Corel Photopaint) ----------------------- photo editing (touch-up, 'faking', superimposing, airbrushing etc) Digital editing (edit flaws, superimpose rendered designs 'in-situ' etc), Post render editing (touch-up, special effects, fog, lens-flare etc) 3D modelling/rendering/artistry skills: (Using Rhino3D and VRay) ------------------------------------------ 3D models, product design (mobile phones, personal entertainment, appliances etc), 'Watertight' (CNC mill-able, 3D printing) designs, Architectural designs (For gaming, pre-architect designs etc), photo quality renderings for client consultation, artistic value etc. -------------------------------------------- RELEVANT HISTORY AND EXPERIENCE -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- EDLounge: Current ------------------------------- Currently working as an Illustrator/Artist for EDLounge. I produce drawings which are used as part of e-learning lessons for students world-wide but primarily in the UK. Rickious.com: Current ------------------------------- Currently a self-employed artist and designer. Designing and producing artwork for T-Shirt design and other fashion printing. Video Game design for PC and Android. Freelance 2d and 3d design work including graphic design and traditional drawing. Also supplying stock photography, particularly macro wildlife photography. Global GT Ltd: 2010-ongoing ---------------------------------------- 3D model editing and the creation of photo-realistic renders edited into photography for promotional material (large banners etc) which was used at ‘Autosport International’ racing car show in 2012. I also produced a promotional TV advert in ‘Sony Vegas’ that will be aired 2013. Richards Home Collection (Own concepts): 2007-2010 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Designed and produced concept furniture integrating multi-purpose modules. Accurate 3D models and photorealistic renders were produced to assist in marketing, manufacture assessment and planning. These models were ‘watertight’ to allow the option of CNC milling or similar processes. Day Nursery Supplies Ltd: 2009-2010 ---------------------------------------------------- 3D/2D design of web components and company literature such as web banners. Junction 14 Healthcare Ltd: 2009-2010 ------------------------------------------------------ Designed and produced the company logo for use on signage, website, stationary etc. MyBabiie Ltd: 2009-2010 ---------------------------------- I was the setup/temporary lead designer. I produced conceptual 3D designs, renders, sourced and designed adaptations and customisations for OEM products. Produced marketing material in the form of large photo-realistic renders which were used in the companies bid on 'Dragons Den'. I Also produced the company logo as used on all marketing and future products. Universal Joint Design: 2007-2012 ------------------------------------------------- 3D models produced for signage, mathematical shape research, engineering, architectural catalogue parts for larger 3D projects (structural glass fittings etc) and more. Technical view renders, photorealistic renders, ‘watertight’ modelling for CNC milling and rapid prototyping. This included a logo for a night club which now features outside the club in Texas. All work done via correspondence as company is based in Texas, USA. Enzo Design Ltd: 2005-2006 ---------------------------------------- 3D modelling and editing, photorealistic rendering of a track race car (the Amillim XS) in realistic, artistic environments to display on company website and literature as well as aiding in promotional material used as part of investment presentations. Zombiegeddon: 2004-2006 -------------------------------------- Design and creation of realistic 3D interior environments, rendered as high-detail and high realism static backgrounds for an upcoming game. Included the modelling of furniture, fittings and all other interior aspects, all modelled by myself with some post render effects added in ‘Photoshop’. Rally Sport Replicas Ltd: 2003-2004 -------------------------------------------------- Freehand conceptual sketches, technical scale drawings, 3D models and renderings. Rapid client-to-sketch idea sessions. Correspondence and on-site work was included. Silgrad Tower: 2004-2005 ------------------------------------ For this project, I produced highly appreciated and popular concept art and 3D models for the ‘Silgrad Tower’ ‘mod’ for the popular game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The models included architecture, furniture, and large-scale city designs. The Bunny Company: 2003-2004 --------------------------------------------- I worked with the owner to produce full colour brochures, a set of greetings cards featuring my own pencil artwork, and other stationary such as letterheads invoices etc. Currently producing work for portfolio and working on several designs to approach companies. Open to offers of part/full time employment (UK and Eastern Europe) and freelance (internationally) Involved in several small international projects on a freelance 3D designer basis. All short-term projects and due to end so ready to take on new projects ASAP. thank you for reading. --------------------------------------------------------- WORKS COMPLETED/IN DEVELOPMENT INCLUDE... --------------------------------------------------------- ipod, mobile phone (cellular), dishwasher, washing machine, kitchen units, aquarium (fish tank), kettle, house, baby strollers, baby highchairs, childrens furniture, car, van, bike, mp3, music player, game console, game controllers, tv, home theatre, stereo, table, stool, chair, stoofa, stooble, stoobe, bed, plumbing, taps, sinks, faucets, fridge, freezer, perfume, logos, signage, sci fi, vehicle,