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Oceania is an Eco Fridge designed for year 2020. The top 3 sections use magnetic thermoelectric cooling for convention food items, and the bottom section uses water and ceramic cooling which is useful for keeping items cool such as bread, and fruit.
Each section can be turned off when not in use through the electronic interface.
The fridge uses a drawer system making it easier for the user to reach the back of the fridge, and allocate food items.
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The drawers are all fully extendable making it easier to reach food items at the back. The interior parts can be easily removed to be cleaned.

The interior of the fridge has an antibacterial coating to reduce germs.

There are also low voltage LED's within the fridge to increase visibility when the drawers are opened. The lights can also be turned on without opening the drawers to aid browsing. This is controlled through th electronic interface.
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The top section features a lazy susan which can be used for storing jars. All the front panels of the fridge are clear making it easy to allocate specific items without having to open the drawer - this in turn saves cold air loss - which saves energy.

There is also a wine cooler, and a small freezer allocated on the 3rd teir.

All the drawers are self and soft closing.
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The bottom section is passive cooled using water and ceramic materials - and does not use electricity or power. Water is stored in a reservoir which is turns passively cools the compartment - ideal for bread, fruit and vegetables. The water in the reservoir can then be re-used for domestic purposes.
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Each section can be turned on or off using the electronic interface. As thermoelectric technology is used to the cool - each section can be turned off without the worry of gaseous smell you get with today's fridges. You can achieve complete temperature control over each section including the freezer. The electronic interface can also allocate what is in the fridge, and where it is stored. It also warns users when hot food items are placed in the fridge, or when items are out of date.
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Water is used directly from the mains pipe, and is stored in a reservior housed by ceramic insulation. This is able to cool the compartment to temperatures suitable for fruit and vegetables.

The water does not make any contact unhygienic surfaces, which means it may be reused for domestic usage.

The process is similar to a boiler and a washine machine. The same pipe connections are used.
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- See to allocate items
- More control over temperature
- Passive cooling saves money
- Electronic Interface reduces food waste

-No harmful chemical waste
-No energy wasted on unwanted cooling
-Less food waste
-Reduced amount of time browsing inside the fridge = less cold air wasted = less energy used.

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