His ideas are the result of subjective and objective thought, the design a product of the idea. To achieve an effective solution he analyzes, interprets, translates ... invents new techniques and combinations. He unifies, simplifies, eliminates superfluities. He symbolizes ... intensifies and reinforces his symbol with appropriate accessories to achieve clarity and interest. He draws upon instinct and intuition. He considers the spectator, his feelings and predilections."

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Work History

_______________________________________________________________________ NAME: Thierry L. R. Guimbeau DATE OF BIRTH: 1 March 1978 ADDRESS: La Preneuse, Black River, Mauritius. EMAIL: thierryguimbeau@gmail.com MARITAL STATUS: Single LANGUAGES: English and French (written and spoken). _______________________________________________________________________ SECONDARY EDUCATION _______________________________________________________________________ St. Joseph College (Mauritius) 1995 School certificate St. Charles College (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa) 1998 Higher School certificate _______________________________________________________________________ TERTIARY EDUCATION _______________________________________________________________________ AAA School of Advertising (South Africa) 2004 Diploma in Visual Communication with specialization in graphic design AAA School of Advertising (South Africa) 2006 BA Degree in Creative Brand Communication The IAA International Advertising Association (New-York) 2006 Diploma in Marketing Communications _______________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL CAREER HISTORY _______________________________________________________________________ RainMedia Agency Ltd. Since Feb 2010 Position: Owner/Director RainMedia is a small Design Agency, that competitively position itself among the highest standards of expertise. It’s mission is to uphold a standard of uncompromisable design quality and brand image communication; serving customers throughout Mauritius as well as overseas; and is a multi-industry expert, working on projects from beginning to end. The approach lies in the idea that clients would come to RainMedia for two main reasons: because they need to say something new, or believe their product or service is better than the competition. In either case, the approach is to look at the projects from a fresh perspective, and with no preconceptions. We strive to understand your business and its goals to ensure it’s creative solutions are appropriate, and perhaps more importantly, will work for you. We want our clients to think of us as an extension of their team. A creative partner, which is always available to discuss an idea, offer advice, or just put the kettle on if they drop by OUR BELIEFS: ... a small design agency can be more focused and produce better quality ideas; distinctive ideas, well thought out and beautifully executed, are what counts; one-to-one relationships are the best kind; collaboration can make a good idea better; every project deserves a unique solution..... . WORK FIELDS: 1. Design: Our work is inspired by a love for discovery. 2. Print Advertising: Hundreds of people drive by the same billboards, read the same magazines & newspapers each day. 3. Branding: First impressions are lasting. 4. Printing: Face to face connections. 5. Web Design: Let the world notice you. PART OF A GREENER WORLD: As professionals in a field so integral to communications, we feel it is our responsibility to offer our thoughts and insight into what we feel is an important issue in the design world of today. Sustainability and ecological responsibility can affect not only ourselves and our clients, but the world as a whole. Holistic vision is one of the core elements of sustainable design. For example, while we would love to think that a publication we design will be cherished forever, the truth is that eventually it may end up in the trash. By taking this into account, and by using recyclable and eco friendly materials whenever possible, we can make designs that are not only beautiful and effective, but that also will have a greener afterlife. _________________________________________________________________________ Précigraph Ltd. May 2007 - Dec 2009 Précigraph Ltd. is a leader in the printing industry, participating to their clients projects by offering high quality and personalized services of prepress production, printing, and binding; as well as developing conceptual designs and page layouts, while expanding their businesses across top local companies, through to international markets. Position Held: Senior Graphic Designer Working within the Prepress department and providing customer support while going to the front of client’s needs by offering irreproachable designs and prepress services in an automated CTP environment, alongside XMF the revolutionary new print workflow solution from Fujifilm. Main Duties at Precigraph Ltd.: • Retained by diverse industry clients to create original art and graphic layouts (Annual Reports, Books, Magazines, Brochures, Corporate identity… ect). • Attending and managing client meetings. • Managing and supervising projects. • Concept development of marketing strategies for client campaigns. • Working in teams. • Working hand-in-hand with marketing department through to press. • Verifying that supplied documents meet company standards. • Perform photo manipulation, editing and touch-up duties on digital photography. • Performing Mac operations and prepress duties including preflighting files, color management, set-up files for output to imagesetters. • Mounting and editing impositions as necessary. • Proofing layouts for such items as gripper margins, bleed allowances, pagination… etc. • Check prepress proofs, films and plates for accuracy and position, register and solving problems. • Planning workflow and backup documents. • Editing and updating the company’s website. _________________________________________________________________________ Aldrex Suppliers Ltd. Feb 2005-Dec 2006 Aldrex Suppliers Ltd. is a well known supplier company in Mauritius. Representing brands such as Yves Rocher, a world leader in botanical beauty care, as well as international brands “Kiotis” and “Stanhome” household products. Solpro Ltd. is a paper converting company manufacturing and distributing several well known local brands of toilet tissue, kitchen towels, and table tissue locally as well as the surrounding Indian Ocean area. La Sorbétière Ltd. owned two local restaurants namely: Chow-Lin (Chinese cuisine) and Al Denté (Italian pastas). Position held: Head of Visual Communications. Managed the in-house design department, monitoring branding with visual communications and streamlined the process, thereby cutting costs and increasing efficiency with increased sales/cross-selling opportunities while reporting directly to the CEO.


AAA School of Advertising (South Africa) www.aaaschool.co.za



IAA International Advertising Association (New York) www.iaaglobal.org


A double diploma in Visual Communications with specialization in Graphic Design / Marketing Communications, plus a BA Degree in Creative Brand Communications