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Rbk Quill -Lacrosse cleat
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Women's basketball - freestyle concept
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Adidas Originals- Laver Mid Sleek Extra
Faux Vulcanized Sneaker
Apple ER - If Apple wanted to develop something new, like a sneaker, they would certainly have to "plant seeds".
Lebron vs. Kobe - They’ll do battle and leave. There’ll be no score keepers. No whistles. No mascots. No teammates. There’ll be no trophies. A lot of things will be missing. What won’t be missing? Lebron. Kobe. A regulation size basketball. A rim. You get the idea. Straight balling. Oh yeah, and no Sig-shoes. Why? Because there’ll be no advantages. The Air Zoom Duelist: One game. One shoe. Zero excuses.
Woman's basketball - ...quick rendering
Bitter and Twisted concept
Baby Phat Boot
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Gil Zero 3 concept - Signature shoe for Gilbert Arenas (washington wizards)

"Hibachi" is a term Gil is known to yell while shooting jump shots...
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Mosholu ? shoe by Adidas - The perfect shoe for _?_.
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Brooks Rana
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Columbia Snowcat - -waterproof vulcanized rubber shell
-waterproof full-grain embossed leather
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Under Armour-Football Cleat
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Dragon kick- Under Armour
Class project - Hand sewn shoe.

Upper: made with recycled materials...a shirt, a jacket, and other left over fabric.

Midsole: hand molded plastic

Outsole: rubber

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Theatrical footwear- Class Project - Developed for my (hypothetical) Back To The Future 4 movie

Nike Air McFly-
Medieval Running Poulaine
-Hand sewn upholstery fabric and felt
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Adidas Originals Promodel-Max Edition
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Chuck Taylor-The Last Dragon - Concept inspired by the 1985 cult classic The Last Dragon.

"kiss my converse"- Sho'nuff
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Columbia- boat shoe
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lebron 3.5 concept - convertible footwear
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Baby Phat line up
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Adidas Court Mime
Cole Haan Moc boot
Sporty pump
Mutiny sketches-pg.1
Mutiny sketches-pg.2
Mutiny sketches-pg.3
Urban Cowboy
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Adidas Socket - It's an attempt to revitalize sport through lifestyle. Yes. The sock is included with the shoe!
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Then and Now - Top right: one of my early sketches

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