amBUSH - In Ambush, the text is graphically altered in the same format as the other pieces. The word ambush is used to communicate to the audience on a subversive level. Bush is highlighted to signify President Bush as the person the piece references. The use of the target also signals where our anger and distrust should be directed. The images of the target are then scaled down and more texture added to them, which creates a sense of depth.
comPROMISE - In Compromise, a person in the armed forces is used as a symbol for violence. The pink on the bottom of the barrel symbolizes the blood of the people that have been killed in the name of the U.S. The use of pink speaks to the idea that, if we were working towards peace, the lives that were lost could have been saved. It also speaks to our government and how we are so divided. Instead of working for a Liberal or Conservative agenda we all should be working on a compromise.
backWARds - In Backwards, a pineapple grenade is subverted by the use of the color pink. The use of color takes that connotation of death and destruction and turns it into something less menacing. The text then implies that by going to war our nation is moving backwards. It also suggests that war is not the answer and turning to peace should be our goal.
beLIEve - In Believe, the American flag is turned upside down because that is the symbol for S.O.S. This signifies the state of emergency that should be taken against our government. Now more than ever people feel that our status in this war in Iraq is deteriorating and change is needed. The use of the word Believe graphically altered to place emphasis on the word lie suggests that everything our government tells us is a lie, and that we should believe in it if we want to win the war on terror.
Peaceful Bombs - In Peaceful Bombs, the color pink is also utilized to make something more playful and less threatening. The use of the dove exists in Christian symbolism, as a carrier of the message of peace. This image exists to attract people to peace and to object to war and violence. The image says that peace, not war, should be the answer.
ARMistice - In Armistice, the image of war is taken out of context by the use of pink. The helicopter is the shown dropping flowers as if they were bombs. The intent of this image is to influence people towards to a more forgiving, peaceful and open-minded point of view. The intent is to tell the person viewing that forgiveness is what we should be giving, not war.
reSOLUTION - In the piece Resolution, the word is altered graphically again to pull the word solution to the front. By replacing a flame on the fuse of the dynamite with flowers makes the dynamite similar in function to Peaceful Bombs and Backwards. The dynamite is now a symbol of an explosion of peace rather than a weapon of destruction.
priVILEge - In Privilege, the image of Dick Cheney is one of terror and anger. This image is used to imply Cheneys character as that of crude and hostile. He is placed on the broken black background in reference to stenciling used in urban graffiti. The word privilege is used in a subversive manner by graphically altering the structure of the word to place emphasis on the term vile. This suggests that the power our elected officials have is vile and disgusting.
diVISION - Division is my view of the effects of war on the homeland. The government under the leadership of George W. Bush has been allowed to break personal privacy laws to spy on American citizens suspected of terrorism. By using the image of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima modified to show the raising of surveillance cameras in a new form of imperialism, the careful watch of free people by their government.
tank - Peaceful Tank is similar to the others in taking the color pink and using it to subvert the image of war. The flower is stuck in the barrell to denote peace.
recOIL - In recOIL the text is also graphically altered to bring oil to the forefront. This work implies that there has been an adverse effect on our society because we have been so dependant on oil.
unLEARN - In unLEARN the text is altered to communicated with the audience on a subversive level. It also uses the color pink, as well as the flower, to denote peace.

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