Linegrie Bag - Packaging concept for an exclusive underwear
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Eco-friendly packaging - Miranda Laskowska & Joanna Dumanowska Diploma project
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A solution for prestigious retail outlets and customers carrying a fast and modern lifestyle. The clothing bends along with the look'n roll wrap. By it is well formed, secured and most of all doesn’t crumple at all! An elastic tape with two chaplets is a unique way of locking. Both sides of the
package can be used for branding and advertising. It represents a practical and elegant approach to packaging for clothing.
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Black Bag - Folded shopping bag - The Black Bag is a shopping carrier. It folds into a handy triangle, easy to put it in your purse. It is small when folded and after expanding you can carry lots of shopping in it. It is designed not to loose shape after unfolding.

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