I am interested in writing for the best! I have worked extensively in the creative writing field, ranging in experience from over eighteen years of advertising and marketing writing, to playwriting and production, to acting and directing. In terms of ad writing and production, I’ve garnered experience at Zimmerman Partners Advertising, ranging from a year and a half as the manager of a team of writers and artists, to five+ years writing National and Regional ads for Nissan and Papa John’s Pizza, as well as countless others, including work on Lennar Homes and Le Meridian hotels.

Work Samples

  • Dream House Studios Website (PDF File)

Work History

  • Manager

    • Bloomberg BNA
    • Arlington, VA

    Copywriting * Responsible for managing a team of copywriters: two in-house and a variety of freelance resources. * Mentored the copywriters, offering ways to elevate their craft, to work more efficiently, to activate their "intellectual toolboxes, " and to offer multiple creative options to the internal clients, usually consisting of a spectrum from "safe" to "risky." * Practiced a form of "Servant Leadership" with regards to the copywriters I managed. This means that I always offered insight and advice into how to succeed at new tasks, versus retaining that knowledge for myself. This, in turn, meant that each copywriter garnered new skills each project, without any resistance from myself, which resulted in copywriters able to handle more and more work, and a manager able to focus on branding, corporate concerns, and more. * Conveyed the message of the brand through a variety of materials: web, mobile device, print, and video. * Created both the overall umbrella brand voice and the supporting brands for cause/charity based initiatives at the company. * Reworked marketing strategy as it relates to messaging, moving the company from description/call-to-action forms of communication to a content/market-need/discover form of communication. * Entirely overhauled the creative process to encourage collaboration between the creative teams: digital, video, and traditional graphic design, going from an assembly line approach to a collaborative approach based on creative briefs. * Created "best strategy" templates for online and digital communication, including emails, webpages, email blasts, and more, in order to focus on marketing strategy and targeting, versus the prior "kitchen sink" approach. * Created the communication strategy and the copy for the 'Bloomberg BNA Custom Events' initiative, from the brochure to the website and all aspects in between. Encouraged the use of u...

  • Senior Copywriter, Creative Department

    • TBC Inc.
    • Baltimore, MD

    * Worked as part of an integrated creative team on a variety of clients, ranging from international brands to regional casinos. * Created and wrote original television, radio and print advertisements for Haribo USA, Smart Balance, Visit Baltimore and more. * Wrote and updated the Smart Balance website monthly, as well as coordinating efforts to match the email and blast communications. * Drove every day from the bliss of bucolic Georgetown to the mists of Fells Point in Baltimore, an hour plus commute each way.

  • Senior Copywriter, Creative Services Division

    • XM Radio Inc
    • Washington, DC

    * Wrote branded copy across a variety of platforms: television, radio and print advertising, as well as station interstitials, store videos, web, direct mail and form letter. * Worked with the branding agency to insure consistency though all communications. Left when they merged with Sirius.

  • Senior Copywriter/Producer/Brand Management

    • DelucchiPlus Marketing
    • Washington, DC

    * Worked with the senior creative staff to create branded real estate campaigns. * Wrote and produced radio, video, print/brochure and internet advertising materials, with a focus of quick production. * Left due to the downturn in the real estate market, as well as some professional issues.

  • Senior Copywriter/Branding Specialist

    • Full Circle Productions
    • Atlanta, GA

    * Responsible for ideologically branding real estate developments. This process included working with three art directors to come up with their individual brand stories and voices, turning that story into examples of print, website, direct mail, email, broadcast and location-based advertising, and in crafting the communication for the client pitch. * Acted as the "brand police" for the creative team, forcing ideas through the "brand filter." * Wrote long-form copy for brochures, website content, and industry magazine articles, all based on the original, ideological brand created. * Crafted headlines and copy for web and traditional media placements.

  • Senior Copywriter

    • Freelance
    • Washington, DC

    Content & Branding Specialist Creative Direction * Wrote and conceived a variety of materials across all platforms and verticals. * Clients include Vocus, Capella Hotels & Resorts, DreamHouse Studios, K. Hovnanian Homes, Orleans Homes, The Related Group, Grainger, The Shelton Group, NDG Communications, The Related Group, e-Site Marketing, Brookfield Homes, TV on Wall Street, V2 Electronic Cigarettes, Proof, Burson-Marseller, Dominion Energy, Fix The Debt, The Teaching Company/Great Courses, Georgetown University, PeerBelt Incorporated, Hinge Marketing and more. Highlights of the work include: * Case studies detailing the Vocus solution for website, public relations and general marketing usage. Involved interviewing clients, transcribing client testimony and presenting a compelling case study for the public. * Integrated e-mail campaigns for Vocus events and appearances at trade shows. These e-mail campaigns targeted specific audience groups with a series of e-mail messages designed for that particular cohort, and were written to fit together and create a cohesive messaging whole. * The overall brand voice for Capella Hotels and Resorts, using market data to differentiate the brand from others in the premium hospitality category. * All website copy for every Capella Hotel & Resort worldwide. Used the branding voice as a filter to determine effective copy. Advised external agencies as to print and brochure creative, in order to ensure brand consistency. * The website for Dreamhouse Studios, positioning the interior design firm as an "artisan design house, " using the ideal of creating tableaus with passion to drive the creative. Directed the visual look and feel of the website, driven by copy choices and the overall vision of the brand. * Brochure, website, advertisement and press release copy for a suite of real estate companies, both at the corporate branding level an...

  • Senior Writer

    • VIVA Creative
    • Rockville, MD

    * Conceived and wrote RFP creative proposals for institutional, non-profit and corporate events. This constituted the storytelling role of my work: coming up with the umbrella message and theme for an event, and then demonstrating through the RFP the ways that the theme and message will be brought to life. The proposals included the Gettysburg Commemoration, the Obesity Conference for the National Partnership For America, the annual Aflac Sales Meeting, the AIPAC National Conference, the AIPAC National Summit and more. * Created a variety of materials to support these live or virtual events. This constituted the execution role of my work: taking the ideas from the RFP and turning them into scripts for videos, for walk-in sessions and plenary sessions, for poster lines and copy, and even for original song compositions. * Acted as principal writer on a bi-weekly, in-house web broadcast for Audi: Audi Progress. Worked with the producer on vetting stories, writing and editing the scripts, and in creating and populating a chart of web links for easy use by the digital team. * Supported copy needs throughout the organization: from new headlines and initiative names to teaser videos, smart phone app communications, marketing-related tweets and more. Clients included Galderma, WSWA, the Pennsylvania Convention Center, SmartCMO.com, CSC, Weight Watchers, Mary Kay Cosmetics and others. * Partnered with the other writer to help facilitate a work process and a creative brief system into the organization. * Managed and directed freelance writers on projects when needed.

  • Senior Copywriter/Producer

    • Zimmerman & Partners
    • Lauderdale, FL

    Advertising Ft. Senior Copywriter/Producer, Print Director * One of only four writers who worked on Nissan of North America nationwide. * Worked my way up the ranks of the organization, starting as a junior copywriter in their retail automotive department and leaving with national, award-winning advertising experience. * Collaborated with editors, directors and artists to produce a variety of campaigns, ranging across all tiers of marketing. Experienced with all aspects of creative work in advertising, from writing and creation to management of production. * Honed my ability to create within a set of "Brand Identity" limits. * Created large, multi-faceted "pitch books, " used to research and target creative work for client pitches. The effort paid off: the "pitch books" for Papa John's and for Six Flags resulted in our successful capture of that business opportunity. * Helped to create Zimmerman's first in-house brand: "Z-Motion." Worked with an editor to create a supporting video used for both lobby engagement and recruitment purposes. * Acted as division lead for Nissan during hurricanes. This responsibility included the setting up of an office at a remote location, the continued processing of the work from the new location, and nightly status sessions with the nationwide team. In one hurricane, this entailed setting up an office and working remotely with a team of four on all Nissan initiatives for nearly a month. * Former administrator of the Print Department, where I managed a team of five junior writers as they processed the quick order needs of hundreds of car dealerships in their weekly advertising push. * Writer and designer of radio, television, print, and internet advertising campaigns. * Clients include Nissan, Papa John's, Levitz, Six Flags, Lennar, Blue Dot and more.

  • Promotions Director, Playwright

    • Frank Dog Productions
    • Tampa, FL

    Actor * Organized and planned promotions for the fledgling theatre group, securing funds for television, radio, and print promotions. * Acted as an executive producer, overseeing entire seasons. * Wrote and performed in many plays.


  • High School New World School of the Arts

  • College Florida Atlantic University

    • English Literature
  • Florida Atlantic University

    • BA English Literature English Literature
    • 1999 - 2005

    Cum Laude graduate.

  • New World School of the Arts

    • Theatre Theatre
    • 1989 - 1992