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Piece by piece is not only just a product, but a community which aims to foster a deeper connection to the furniture that takes pride of place in our homes. Piece by piece celebrates sustainable furniture that’s adaptable to suit the consumers ongoing needs, rather than be disposed of once it’s initial use has expired.
The focus is a simple powder coated bent steel bracket that the consumer can either purchase on its own and use to create an individualistic piece, or buy all of the necessary CNC timber parts to make a complete piece of furniture such as a table, stool or bench.
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Limited space in the home was considered during the development of the bracket, by simply loosening a single bolt on each leg allows it to fold away making it easy to store.
Sustainability was the main priority in the selection of the materials. The timber is sourced from ecologically viable plantations and the metal brackets are made from high quality steel, designed to last a lifetime rather than contribute to our ever increasing landfills.
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Open source templates will be provided free of charge on Adam's website (www.adamhobbs.info) for consumers to download to make their own table tops, stools and furniture legs. Users will also be able to swap parts with each other via the websites dedicated message board, further emphasising the importance of sustainability in this product.

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