Kung Fu Master - Craig and Ryan decide to take a Kung Fu class and it seems that Craig has learned a few moves. Ryan gets scared when he thinks that Craig about to hit him.
This animation was made for 11 Second Club but i did not made the cut due to the fact that i started 2 weeks before the dead line.
Both these characters are originals by me.
A Bad Day - This is one of my shorts using original characters.
In this short we find out why Harry (The Rabbit) really hates mornings.

the story is not completely finished! I just wanted to show some of my animation.
Earl's Run Cycle - This is one of my characters, his name is Earl a fun loving go-happy squirrel. This i a Run Cycle of Earl which is also used in a short called A Bad Day.
2D Animation Demo Reel 2011 - This is my 2D demo reel for 2011. I am currently a full time student studying Animation and an Intern for Floor 84 Studio.

You can look at my other works here: http://www.coroflot.com/alakalf

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