Volvo 3CC Exterior – The 3CC (3-seater Concept Car) debuted in China at a Michelin-sponsored event, October 2004 and made its North American debut in Detroit, January 2005.

Before final exterior choice was made, color themes were developed for each of three exterior models, working in a coordinated effort with the designers to interpret their design language into appropriate color and materials.

The silvery-blue exterior was especially successful at featuring the way the body tapered in the rear, hinting at the interior 3-seat configuration. The subtle blue hue complemented the saddle leather interior. This paint color has received very positive remarks which is interesting since I had to convince my team it was the right choice!
Volvo 3CC Interior – The 3CC Color theme of the chosen exterior was "Quiksilver - sporty and casual with attention to detail."

The main inspirational influences were:
the clean bright white of the IPod, expressed in a paint application to mimic Corian; the casual but tailored statement of denim, expressed in a Carbon Blue leather instrument panel; and to bring warmth, Saddle leather, especially important in the absence of wood and to create a Scandinavian vs. Germanic statement overall.

Technology and the environment, a Volvo trademark, were represented by several materials - 2x2 twill Carbon Fibre trim around the beltline, suggesting the underlying structure of the body. This material choice was critical since there was a strict weight limit for the Michelin event in China. The flooring material was from the Finnish company, Woodnotes. It is woven paper yarn, derived from wood. This was a custom order, done especially for the vehicle.
Volvo 3CC Interior Light –
Working with lighting specialists, Visopia, the lighting scheme was powered by individual LED's throughout the interior and could be set to a custom color depending on the vehicle's activity. Upon opening the doors, I specified an indigo color (a red-sided blue) that reflected off the recessed white surfaces of the door trim panels and backlit instrument panel and complemented the warmth of the saddle interior.

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