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  • Ali Haider

    Ali Haider

    Ottawa, ON

Diverging and varied interests in all things design related as well as all things technical have provided me with a breadth of experience and a skill set ranging from being a college Physics and Math professor to teaching in an array other departments from Interactive Multimedia to Interior Design and Computer Animation. Please visit the my image sets for my work, and the 'student works' from student projects I've assigned.

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PROFESSIONAL & TECHNICAL SKILL & ABILITIES Throughout my academic and professional experience, I have amassed an ever-growing skill set of individual, team, and leadership abilities. This has enabled me to maintain an effective work environment by developing interpersonal relationships with both my team and the client. My academic base has allowed me to employ extensive skills in formal design, as well as computer modeling, thereby becoming extremely proficient in all aspects of product development from ideation through to final presentation. ____________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION BA Economics (Carleton University) June 2002 (Concentration in mathematical applications of economics) Microeconomics 1 A- Microeconomics 2 B+ Macroeconomics 1 B+ Macroeconomics 2 B Mathematical Methods, A Operations Research 1 A Operations Research 2 A Monetary Policy A International Trade A+ Advanced Microeconomics B+ Econometrics B+ ____________________________________________________________________ EXPERIENCE 2005 - Current Carleton University School of Information Technology (Interactive Multimedia) Instructor IMD 3900 Computer Animation & Compositing Maya 7.0+ Autodesk PhotoShop CS Adobe Premiere Adobe After Effects Adobe Designed, structured and delivered weekly lectures on the industry’s leading computer modeling and animation software, Maya 7.0 (by Silicon Graphics/Alias WaveFront). Surveyed a series of texts, to assemble and develop a training manual, consisting of the most effective methods, strategies, and streamlined approaches, for students to learn and become power users of the software. Developed course material, assignments, and class exercises to augment the training manual, and provide practical applications to further illustrate the necessary concepts. 2004 - 06 Algonquin College School of Interior Design Instructor DSN 3004 CAD / 3d Level 1 DSN 3011 CAD / 3d Level 2 DSN 3017 CAD / 3d Level 3 AutoCAD 2004 AutoDesk Bryce 5.0 Corel SketchUP Google Restructured the traditional approach to teaching two dimensional technical drafting by incorporating the three dimensional component in all lectures and assignments. Developed course material as to engage the students’ analysis of his/her physical environment and deconstruct it into any and all orthographic projections. Delivered a wide breadth of topics from an introduction of basic concepts and industry standards, to object creation and modification methodologies. As a result of the course students were able to effectively complete a final project outlining the entire design process from sketch ideation to final model production and presentation. DSN 1486 Architectural Modeling & Presentation SketchUP Google PhotoShop CS Adobe Flash MX Macromedia Designed a course addressing topics specific to Interior and Exterior Architectural presentation. Presented lectures in combination with guided tutorials, on 3d computer modeling, allowing students to create virtual models of their studio projects. Introduced the use of Flash MX and XML to create full interactive portfolios presentations. Outlined the use of Image editing software, to create textures, as well as edit, format, and optimize presentation images. 2005 / 2006 Algonquin College Game Developer Program Instructor GAM 1502 Physics for Games GAM 1501 Algebra and Geometry for Games Delivered a two course set covering principles in General Physics as applicable to game development, from a conceptual and mathematically standpoint. Classes consisted of both formal lecture and in class exercises and group work sessions. Authored a complete course package, outlining all concepts in both text and diagrammatic form. Progressed to advanced problems solving, in system analysis, identification, and resolution using mathematics to model and resolve otherwise complex problem. 2004 / 2005 Carleton Immersive Media Studios (CIMS), Heritage Canada, NRC, IBM, Alias Collaborative project Consultant Digitally reconstructed a virtual three dimensional mass model of the entire downtown core and surrounding city environment using photographs taken on site. Precisely modeled and textured the Rideau Chapel using Architectural Drawings and reference images. This was part of the ‘Rideau Chapel Restoration Project’, the mandate of which was to digitally archive historic buildings and structures specifically using Alias’ set of Software tools. Assigned as lead animator for the exterior to interior camera animations, producing image sequences to be included into the final DVD production. Acquired working knowledge of Linux Red Hat Operating system and its interface with IBM’s DeepView rendering cluster. This was necessary as the ever increasing file sizes required an efficient platform to both work in and render from. 2003 / 2004 Algonquin College Faculty of Interactive Multimedia Instructor MTM 1514 Computer Animation Maya 5.0 Alias Silicon Graphics Seminar: Intro to Computer Animation Bryce 5.0 Corel Seminar: Texture Mapping Photoshop Adobe ____________________________________________________________________ COMPUTING AND SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS PhotoShop CS Adobe Illustrator CS2 Adobe AfterEffects 6.0 Adobe Premiere Adobe Flash MX Macromedia Maya Alias / AutoDesk Bryce 5.0 Corel FormZ Auto.des.sys 3d Studio VIZ AutoDesk SketchUp Google AutoCAD 2004 AutoDesk BlackBoard V6.2 extensive course use Carleton Central extensive course use XML working knowledge ActionScript working knowledge HTML working knowledge


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