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Part 1: Concept -
The project was to redesign an iOS app. I chose to redesign part of an app I use often called Axis 360. Screenshots of the app look like this.
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App activities:
Since I use it all the time, I wanted to find ways to make it better. I created a list of activities users can complete on the app. I focused on the act of listening to a book.
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Part 2: User Journey
I mapped out a user journey for how users select a book from their list of books and start listening to it. I completed the user journey in OmniGraffle.
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I created 2 wireframe concepts for the book detail screen and for the playback screen.

Although most book apps seem to use a side-by-side layout for the book cover and book details, I chose an infrequently used, center-aligned option and made it more like the iOS podcast app or iTunes. Even then, I reduced the size of the book cover image in order to increase the size of the controls. My goal was to emphasize the playback controls and de-emphasize the book cover art.

These wireframes were completed in OmniGraffle.

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