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  • Alexander Jaeger

    Alex Jaeger

    South San Francisco, CA

I love design, film and cars. Anything I can do to be working on any of these and I'm happy. Studied car design at CCS, but split off to do film/ entertainment design and have been for 12 years now. Looking to branch back out into trans, games, product, interior/exterior design, and concept design work as freelance artist.

Work Samples

  • Film 1

  • Transportation Design

Work History

1995-2007(Present) Industrial Light + Magic Senior VFX Art Director/ Concept designer 2004-2005 Star Wars "Visionaries" Graphic Novel (Entretched) for Lucasfilm and Darkhorse Comics 2005-2006 "Seal Team 7" Concept design for Graphic Novel by Image Comics Film Credits: As VFX Art Director:(ILM) Star Trek: First Contact Deep Impact Starship Troopers Wild Wild West Galaxy Quest Pearl Harbor Star Wars: Special Edition Episode 6 Star Wars: Episode 2 Star Wars: Episode 3 The Island The Hulk Mission: Impossible 3 Transformers (2007 release)


College for Creative Studies Detroit





VES nomination for best VFX Art Direction for SW: Episode 2