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The Virgin Atlantic Capsule Concept - My concept is a space were one can be completely isolated from the outside world in a busy environment like an airport terminal.
Its created for the business fast paced traveler that in between many flights doesn't have a place to rest. Its approachable but at the same time the experience is exclusive.
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Concept Develpment and Materials - Above you can see my development work hand drafted and later taken into 3D modeling.
The material i have chosen to create the capsule is Corian, extremely flexible and can be formed into almost any shape .
Inside the bed is made of pure white leather, soft white synthetic material for the pillow base, purple leather for the rimmed detail across the bed.
I decided to choose a combination of leather with soft materials to create a innovative and comfortable feel.
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The Lounging Experience - The Virgin Atlantic Capsule is a lounging concept.
The way i have designed the inside is to create a cocoon like feeling.
The Features include:
A Massage bed with Body Scan Technology for a personal body massage.
A flexible LCD Screen showing relaxation visuals to help relax.
LED Lighting to sooth the ambient according to the personal taste.
Oxygen Therapy to clean the air and help moisturize and breath better.
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Virgin Atlantic Capsule Aproach - It was important for me to keep the same level of luxury that frequent passengers are used to but also to bring curiosity for new future clients
I created this concept to bring a new innovative experience for Virgin Atlantic a space with a strong image and also were it can be locate almost anywhere.
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Virgin Atlantic Capsule Hotel Extended Concept - Virgin Atlantic Capsule Hotel is an extended concept from the Virgin Capsule experience.
An infinitive number of capsules can be adapted for any location.
Providing guests with an option of a longer stay and a indulging experience.

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