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Location for iHotel, Apple - Location: New York, the Big Apple
The construction is made of wired glass.
Placed on top of a skyscraper, changing the skyline and creating a new landmark building defying the conventional lines of architecture.
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iHotel Structure and Floor Planing - Here you can see the structure GA Plans,of the hotel.
The room floors take up the apple theme colors.
Each floor is quite big and spacious 39 sq meters by 5meters length.
You reach each floor by elevator which then leads through a balcony were you can see through each colored floor taking you to a round corridor leading you to your door.
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iHotel Room Design - The concept for this space was to create organic smooth lines giving the room a sleek futuristic feel.
Creating a new way for the space to interact with the individual.
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iBed - iBed with Navigator Control allowing you to control everything that is going on in the room the touch screen, lights, shower and information displayed in your door.
With retractable touch panels for the option to lean back.
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iBed Detail Drawing
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iHotel Rendered Floor Plan and Sections - Here you can see the 1st floor rendered layout and color with sections of the room.

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