BMW Dashboard - This is an assembly of the dashboard of a BMW car. It is a surface model, designed in CATIA V5R4.
V8 Engine - This eight cylinder, four cycle V8 engine of the Chevrolet Citation car has been successfully modeled, enhanced and analyzed using Pro Engineer 2001.
Sony Sports CD Player D-SJ301 - This Sony CD player has been designed using a combination of ProEngineer 2001 and Rhino 3.0. Some components have been modeled in ProEngineer and imported into Rhino for assembly and rendering.
Sony Ericsson T610 - This phone has been designed in CATIA V5R4 as a surface model.
Recliner Chair - This concept recliner chair with a foot rest, has been designed in SolidWorks 2001. The chair seat is provided with a leather texture. The chair is equipped with a reading light and controls for adjusting the light intensity.

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