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Brand identity designed for a online e-commerce portal that deals in limited fashion stock. Company pick up refused order lot from the apparel manufacturers through auctions and sell it to various vendors and retailers.
Brand identity for a gym that use less of machines and more physical exercises, like burpee, squats, etc..
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Logo for "Mr. Australia" competition. The client wanted to show Australian map in it.
Brand identity for a company that sells photo booth's
Logo designed for a real estate company. Client required a hand impression as blessing from his mother.
Logo designed for a real estate investing company, showing prosperity and growth in estate and wealth.
Logo designed for a Real Estate company.
Brand identity for a real estate company, describing strong natural growth.
Logo designed for a insect captive farm/lab. Designed in Adobe Illustrator.
Logo for an Australian health supplement manufacturer, intercourse time enhancing supplement through cells obtained from wild fighter bulls.
Brand identity designed for Australian company. The company manufactures electrical equipments from decomposed/recycled waste.
Logo for a freelance exterior designer, based in Melbourne, Australia.
Logo designed for a on call delivery bakery.
Logo for a event organiser team/ startup company.
Logo designed for a fresh graduate fashion designer, using indian contemporary motif.
Logo designed for self during college assignment, pencil as a basic tool to design and A initial of my name.
Logo designed for a diamond merchant.
Logo designed for an design artist.
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A website logo on the rating of indian film industry "Bollywood" where viewers are encouraged to view the trailers and rate* it accordingly.
* suitable for what age
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Logo designed for "Lifestyle" employee encouragement daily awareness quiz.

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