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Jet Engine - The other day, I was just surfing the internet for some heavy mechanics model and found an 3D image resembles to this model. I took that I try to model it but I didn't follow it totally. I made some changes which i liked and rendered it in V-ray.
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BMW M3 [Red] - Same BMW M3 model which you can find in my portfolio.
retouched it and this time tried with Red color.
Still trying hard to get hyper realistic rendition, soon will get it.... )

Please give your comments.
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Mineral Water Bottle - This was done for the Test given to me by one client.
I Don't hold any rights for the name used on the Bottle.

Modeling, Lighting, Rendering, texturing done by me.
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This render was done for a client.
I don't own any rights for this 3d model.

I have did texturing, Lighting and rendering only.
3d model was provided by the client.
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BMW M3 - Presenting the Cult BMW M3. Here is my latest render of the very famous M3. I know its just the Grill here....but Its a "Teaser render" :P
I've got other views also but they are under post-processing, so till then enjoy this Teaser render. Would like to see how you guys find it.
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Project M3 - BMW M3 Model.
Updated and made some changes in the front grill and mirrors.
Id seen one image from BMW with the carbon fiber on grill so i made it look like that.
Its my dream, so I'm still working to improve it more and more. From 2 years I'm still on this model to improve it for better.
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Renault Clio - Renault : Clio
i was trying to come up with better Studio rendering with my othr car models bt was not satisfied so i was just experimenting with this car and this unique color and finaly i was quite satisfied with result. Will upload latest updated render in few days.
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Ferrari Enzo - This is new Ferrari Enzo.
Personal project.
Made while doing R&D of Vray.
Car modeling is done by my friend Prashant.

Studio setup, Lighting and Rendering is done by me in V-ray.
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Game On - The Three best Sports in the world (with music in the background :D)
I wanted to add Cricket Ball also as it is my most fav but didnt able to make good texture so left. Will do it and post as soon as possible.
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Mac OS - Frankly speaking; I dont know why I've made this render. I was just geting bored sitting alone n somehow I thought of creating these letters. Slowly got into it and finaly here is the output. :)
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Ipod New Gen - Practice work on Vray rendering. Chose Ipod because of the craze it has in people :P
Tried carbon fibre texture on back side metal cover. Simple studio with Two vray lights.
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BMW Logo - dedicated to me :P
my all time fav brand. Created in love of BMW M3.
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Snooker - This was done for my personal project. And another reason was To study The use of HDRi image.
No lights in this scend.
Only HDRi and Vray settings.
DOF in photoshop.
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Harley Davidson [Modeling is done by me. But rendering is done by my Freind in Hypershot.] - it was done in our institution study days. I and one of my friends were experimenting with Hypershot renderer. Used this custom made Davidson for practice project. Thanks to Tanmay for Hypershot render :)
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Guitar - its very close to my heart. Made after joining guitar class whr I met my Dream girl :)
dedicated to someone special.
Wrote Jinx on top as it was my Game character name.
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BMW Vision_Wheel - Rendered it Long time ago, maybe 2years back when BMW first introduced their Concept Vision. Used Vray for rendering.
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Spider - Mech_Spidy; done for a client. We have to match the referance image provided by client. We were glad that he was well satisfied with this result.
Modeling is done by my friend.
Lighting n rendering is done by me.
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Audi: R8 - experimental render of one of my dream machines i.e. Audi R8. Wanted to make it of Gold but didnt succeed as i have visualised it to be. Still working on it. Will post updates soon.
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Nokia - Its my 3ds max work.
Its not all but uploaded just few images.
Will upload more afterwords.
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Old Effect Village - This is one of my early days work in CG field. When i started to learn 3ds max; aftr 2 months we had our first assignment/contest. I made this Old barn village. I was so noob at that time that i didnt care about the proportion :D
bt glad to tell tht I won the competition among my other batch mates. Hahahaha

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